News Item:
Wanted:  Man to land on killer asteroid.

There’s this rock, in space, that’s heading for us, and may be coming a little too close for comfort.  The rock is significant enough for scientists to have given it a name.  Apophis will pay earth a visit in 2036.

There’s no panic, yet.  It’s presumed it will be a near miss, but some have called it a threat.  So plans are in motion, in both Europe and the US, to do something about it.  Step 1 would be to land a manned craft on the surface of the rock.  Step 2 would be to try and change its direction, sort of nudge it out of the way.  It’s been done in the movies, so why not take a shot?  There’s lots in sci-fi that seems to find its place in real life.

Full Story: The Guardian

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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