Another Democrat has thrown his hat into the ring for his party’s presidential nomination in 2008. is reporting that Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004, is planning another run because he doesn’t think his party is trying hard enough to end the war in Iraq. One move he says he disagrees with is a proposal by some Democrats to spend another $160 billion on the war. One political blogger says Kucinich may be “too far out of the mainstream” to win the nomination, but “brings the progressive wing of the party to the table.”

Kucinich says the Democratic party gained a majority in the U.S. Congress in November because the voters are not happy with what is going on with the war in Iraq.


“Instead of heeding those concerns and responding with a strong and immediate change in polices and direction, the Democratic congressional leadership seems inclined to continue funding the perpetuation of the war,” he said.

Other Democrats who have discussed a presidential bid are Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and more well-known candidates such as New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton; Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, who ran for President in 2004; former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who was Kerry’s running-mate; and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Clinton currently is the party’s leading candidate. Republicans who have announced their intentions to run for their party’s nomination include Arizona Sen. John McCain, former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, California Rep. Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson, who lead the Department of Health and Human Services during President George W. Bush’s first term.

Kucinich was re-elected to a sixth term in the House of Representatives in November. He is expected to formally announce his intentions tomorrow at Cleveland, Ohio City Hall.



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