Google is a strange beast, but they claim that there is no manual intervention in how web sites are ranked. It is the algorithm not people. Republican Rick Santorum trod this path early in the primary season. A Google Search for Santorum suggested that the best hit, the #1 hit was a definition of the fake word Santorum. Most detractors found it quite amusing. But it certainly caused Rick Santorum a good deal of grief. You can read this article to get the story.

There is a similar, although very different story going on with Mitt Romney. Google has a section where you can search for images, ask a question, and they will return a suggested list of images. An image search of ‘Completely Wrong’ produces a pretty interesting set of results.

Of course quite why anyone would use this search criteria is beyond me. I am usually interested in people, places, or events, rather than abstract concepts like ‘Completely Wrong’. But it doesn’t matter how you slice it and dice it, it is pretty darn funny.

There is no doubt in my mind that as a company Google leans left, but I seriously doubt that they created this little problem. The term ‘Completely Wrong’ came from Mitt Romney, it was in reference to that icky cell phone video that surfaced about the 47% that live off handouts.

I seriously doubt that Google will step in and make a manual change to their algorithm.

Simon Barrett

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