There is little doubt that the GOP have strong views about Guns. We should all have them! Personally I am not so keen on the idea, but, if guns what is needed to fix the economy, I say yes, lets go for it! If Guns can solve the housing meltdown, great!

If guns can fix the unemployment issue, again I say great. Obviously we currently being spun a line. The happy meal line is:

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

This delightful, and enjoyable quote, has been used over and over. Guns indeed do not tend to kill people, they rely on a human operator. They are entirely correct, guns when left alone rarely hurt anyone.

Of course guns come at a price. Well everything does! There has been a TV ad running for a company called Square, they apparently offer a free ‘do hicky’ for your phone that will permit even the smallest of companies to handle credit card’s. They have a claim that 2.07% is all they need. Quite honestly I think they are talking out of their ass, but it is their issue rather than mine.

This ad hit my email:

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is the endorsed merchant services provider for the NRA’s Business Alliance, Clubs & Associations. PAI will reduce your credit card processing costs while helping to support the National Rifle Association.

Rates starting at 0.50%
Gun-friendly credit & debit card processing.
•    Web site credit card and check processing.
•    Wireless payment solutions for gun shows: some work with your existing smart phone or tablet.
•    NRA, NSSF, NASGW and SASS endorsed.
•    A portion of every transaction is donated directly to the NRA.
•    NEW online integration with

I have no idea what to say! But it sure is fun.
I have no idea what  Gun-friendly credit & debit card processing is. I can only assume that it means it is ok to walk into the store ‘packing’?

Simon Barrett

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