For you young’uns I’ll give you a quick history lesson. The Monks were a rather irreverent band that was created by John Ford and Richard Hudson in the late 70’s. These pair of characters had remained friends following the implosion of The Strawbs.

To this day John Ford maintains that The Monks were about serious music, I beg to differ. This pseudo Punk band was about fun and being outrageous. Punk was in, prog rock was out, so Hud and Ford jumped feet first into the fray! I roll my eyes when John Ford keeps a straight face and tells me that The Monks produced serious music.

I must give John credit though, he has had decades to reflect on The Monks, and so has convincing arguments about the songs. I still think he has more BS than a herd of cows, but the songs were fun.

What is not to love about ‘Nice Legs’

Or ‘Drugs In My Pocket’?

Drugs In My Pocket  was Hud’s doing, so John Ford says. It was a social commentary. I don’t buy it. The pair of them were just having way too much fun picking holes in the state of disrepair that the British music industry found itself in during the late 70’s.

Recently some PR photos from the era of these two reprobates have surfaced. They are too good not to share!




There is also a very strong rumor that John Ford is ‘Monking up’ for a gig in Canada.

Simon Barrett

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