I have to admit that todays activities in the Casey Anthony trial took me back to the OJ Simpson double homicide trial. Even more disturbing, there is one common name Mark Fuhrman.

Furhman, at the time of the OJ Simpson trial was employed as a police officer, on the stand he was roasted, toasted, and burned to a crisp!  Is this the same recipe that the defense will use with Yuri Melich?

Before I get to that aspect, lets talk a little about Mark Fuhrman. After the OJ trial he found himself out in the cold. No job, and little likelihood of getting one. Even Walmart Greeters have to pass a test.

Fuhrman has bounced back, and his new gig seems to be to hang around with the man who has the nose for news, Steff Watts. If you do not get the joke about the nose, do a quick google search . Sticking a cosmetic nose job on your corporate credit card will always cause an issue.

But what has Yuri Melich to do with the trial of Casey Anthony?

Like Mark Fuhrman he was just ‘doing his job’. Like Mark Furhman he has a life outside of the police department. The defense seem bound and determined to ruin the career of Yuri Melich. Yuri did nothing wrong, he asked the questions that he needed to ask. Yet there is odor in the testimony that smells like the defense wants to roast him.  They roasted Fuhrman for being a racist, will the defense try to roast Melich for not draining the swimming pool or not spending quality time around the car to enjoy the odor?

I lost a good journalist friend when Sean Krause finally gave up his battle with cancer early in 2009. I would love to get his opinions, but alas I cannot do that. Incidentally David Lohr, the author of that article, is a journalist that I have huge respect  for.

Yuri Melich had interviewed Sean because of his closeness to this story, for a while Sean was an insider with George and Cindy Anthony. All Sean had to say about the man was that Yuri was a straight shooter.

Is the defense plan to play the Fuhrman card? To show Yuri Melich as being incompetent, or worse?

Tagging Yuri Melich as a racist will not work, But, portraying him as being incompetent does seem a direction that the defense team may take. It is a ridiculous direction but the defense seems to be throwing mud balls at any wall they can find. One can only assume that they are clinging to the hope that at least one of the mud balls stick.

Can they? I doubt it. But we must watch and see.

Simon Barrett

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