Fashion styles come and go, the major design houses would have us believe that wearing a Pretzel on your head was the latest trend.

Pretzels may work for Royalty, but generally speaking the average person selects fashions more affordable. I am sure that Princess (whatever her name) paid quite a lot to have a Pretzel hat made. The good news is that Pretzels have a long shelf life, but, you do not want people ‘nibbling on your hat. Before someone can say ‘I Do’ half of it will have been consumed by hungry onlookers.

Some styles however never go out of style. This was the subject of some terse words with my daughter Laura today. She went so far as to send a picture.


I happen to have great respect for Sesame Street, and Oscar The Grouch is one of my heroes. I think it is wonderful that someone might venture out in ‘Oscar’ pants. It shows dedication to the cause. I have thought that Oscar got the raw end of Sesame Street deal for many years, so I am pleased to see him get some richly deserved recognition.

Of course one has to wonder, will Oscar get his own golden star Trash Can on the Hollywood walk of fame?

I for one am rooting for Oscar The Grouch. In fact if I see Oscar pants in my local Walmart, I will be buying them. I say support Oscar!  Go Oscar!

Simon Barrett

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