It was another fun packed day in Judge Perry’s courtroom. Another day of dealing with the Frye questions. For the most part it was a yawn inducing event. It was a day of the ‘now’ common audio and visual problems that people have come to accept as just part of the process.

Personally I feel that hours of listening to arguments about the likely root growth rate of some unknown plant gets rather boring. I sought my information elsewhere. For the past couple of court appearances the defense has used a new babysitter for Casey Anthony during the time when all of the lawyers are squabbling at Judge Perry’s bench. One wonders what the billing rate for babysitting is?

I do not know his name, I just call him The Pillsbury Dough Boy. As this picture shows, he is very good at his task, one can only assume that he is showing Casey the latest viral YouTube video.


Obviously The Pillsbury Dough Boy did a great job. A little later a new babysitter took over.


But where was the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Well, he had been elevated in status. He was with Jose Baez on the floor of the court.


It is very clear that Jose Baez is a ‘wired’ lawyer, but this is the first time I have seen one bring a helper along just to check his Twitter and Facebook traffic while talking to the judge.

Part of Jose Baez’s presentation was a slide show. Alas I do not have a copy of the slide (yet) but unless I am very much mistaken, some one made a huge boo boo, I do hope that it wasn’t the Pillsbury Dough Boy, he will be relegated back to babysitting duty!

The ‘legal root canal’ is set to resume on Friday. I can hardly wait!

Simon Barrett

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