In my conversation earlier this week with the Pearl River Police Chief Bennie Raynor, there was one comment that he made that I thought was odd.

You have to understand that we in Pearl River are willing to do anything we can to help, I did not become aware of this case until a month after it happened.

Oops, what is wrong with this statement? I do not need my statement analysis expert Peter Hyatt to figure it out. Here is a very crude time line:

June/22/09 Zach gets into a fight with Ricky Lavigne (mayors son)
June/24/09 Zach goes missing in a 5 minute window.
June/24/09 Last person to see him is the girl that caused the fight!

Because Zach is 26 years old, there has to be a waiting period. Maybe he just took off in a huff? Mother Christy Ragas waited until July/2 to report him missing.

The last place Zach was seen is Mockingbird Loop, that is approximately 7 miles from the town of pearl River. As such, it is under the control of the St Tammany Parish Sheriff.

Although Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) do vary slightly between departments, there is a constant. The investigation starts at ground zero, and works its way outward. When there was obviously no sign of Zach in the Mockingbird Loop area, they should have moved outward.

It does not take much Rocket Science to determine that the closest area of population is the town of Pearl River. Yet this seems to have been avoided by the investigators for at least several weeks. In fact Bennie Raynor did not even say that he heard about the case through official channels. If I had been in Bennies shoes, I would have made a point of shouting that from the roof tops.

Was the ball dropped? I am beginning to believe that might be the case.

Earlier today I received and interesting email. It had nothing to do with the Zachary Pittman case, but paints a less than flattering portrait of the Saint Tammany Parish Sheriff’s, read this link at your own risk.

Here is a picture taken shortly after the event!


We will be talking about Zachary Pittman on our regular Sunday program, I do hope that you will be able to join us.

I also want to ask anyone in the area of Pearl River that has information, or background on the area to contact me. My email is not hard hard to find, just go to the big box on Blogger News Network that says Writers Wanted. It will come straight to my email.

Simon Barrett

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