We will be running our regular Sunday program at 3pm central. Once again our focus will be on three cases. We will be looking at the two Florida cases Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony. There is news concerning both of these cases this week.

As was predicted on our program two weeks ago the Angel Of Death Row, Andrea Lyon has bowed out of the Caylee Anthony case. The official reasons for her resignation are a pile of BS, it is much more likely that this move is to ensure her ‘perfect’ record in death penalty cases. It will be interesting to see if Jose Baez uses this as a stalling tactic to extend out the various deadlines that Judge Perry has established.

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case there seem to be some edges beginning to fray. Tommy Croslin’s lawyer James Werter may have made a bit of a blunder on national TV. If you have not read about this, try Peter Hyatt’s take on the event.

Jan and I have spent much of this week exploring the really oddball missing persons case out of Pearl River, Louisiana. 26 year old Zachary Pittman literally disappeared into thin air on June/24 2009. We have spent the week attempting to talk with Pearl River officials, and that has proved to be a difficult task. A picture is beginning to emerge, and I have to say that I do not much care for what I am seeing.

The nation was shocked with the revelations of the huge drug issue in the area of Florida that Haleigh Cummings lived in. Well folks make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright and locked position! Pearl River, Louisiana seems to have the potential for being another Satsuma.

I do not think that Zachary Pittman was involved in the drug trade, there is no evidence whatsoever. He did have a rap sheet, but it does not reflect issues with drugs. However it is possible that the ‘drug card’ may be in play. We do know that two days before his disappearance he got into a fight with one Ricky Lavigne. Who, just happens to be the son of the towns mayor, James Lavigne.

Jan and I are scheduled to have a face to face chat with Zach’s mother Christy this afternoon. We have many questions, and hopefully we will have some updated information.

I can share this with you though. Our coverage of this case is having an effect. We received a tip earlier this week, and as I type, a handler with a cadaver dog is searching a small area. Also about an hour ago a new tip has emerged. It has been passed on to LE. It appears to have a level of credibility, but only time will tell.

Please keep the leads coming in! Many people are not comfortable talking to the police, particularly when they are in a small community. If you have a lead email either Jan jannyo@gmail.com or Simon at zzsimonb@gmail.com. We will be happy to forward the information.
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Simon and Jan Barrett

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