Haleigh Cummings – Radio Wrap For May 23It was the usual 90 minutes of excitement, maybe more so than usual. The release of five DVD’s and an Audio CD on Friday has had both BNN and The Sky 97.3 leaping through hoops to get the information published.

Today’s panel consisted of crime writer and author Denny Griffin, ace reporter and also the director of news and programming for The Sky 97.3 TJ Hart, State of Maine investigator and proponent of Statement Analysis Peter Hyatt, and Jan & Simon Barrett.

On the Caylee Anthony case there was little new this week. George and Cindy seem to be attempting to enter the Guinness Book Of Records for not paying their mortgage. As best we can tell their monthly payment is $785, and they owe in excess of $7,000 in back payments. They can afford to take cruises, but apparently that monthly payment is beyond them. One could make some comments, such as, it’s a shame Casey is not out of jail, maybe she could steal some more checks!

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case it has been 72 hours in press hell. The latest set of tapes reveal a family that I am truly happy that I do not know. There is not a single one of them that I would care to break bread with.

The constant whining about money and drugs gives me a headache! This family lives from one handout to the next.

You can listen to the whole program here.

Simon & Jan Barrett

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