It is being reported by several press outlets that George and Cindy Anthony are now in foreclosure. I find this amazing. Papers from Bank Of America claim that the Anthony’s have not made a mortgage payment since May/2009.

It is very hard to find much sympathy for this family. They seem to have few redeeming features. What is really eye-opening is that they were reportedly paid $100,000 by a major media outlet for use of pictures of the now dead grand child Caylee Anthony. It would appear that paying the mortgage came second to taking a cruise!

I have to say that I find this entire family lacking in almost every department. The entire case surrounding Caylee Anthony makes me shudder. I have no hatred towards George and Cindy Anthony, but they do seem to have some real issues with reality.

Hal Boedecker of the Orlando Sentinel is one of my favourite writers, his articles are always biting, and on the subject of this latest development he had this to say regarding a comment from WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Erick Weber:

“The Anthonys say they’ll do everything they can to try to save the home where Caylee lived her entire life,” Weber said.Could that mean more interviews are ahead?

Indeed, I can see more ‘exclusive’ interviews in the Anthony’s future.

With the banking industry in about as much disarray and distress as the Toyota car company my major question is why has it taken Bank Of America nine months to proceed on a foreclosure? Here is a thought, is it possible that the big bank bailout assisted the Anthony’s?

Casey Anthony sits firmly behind bars, and she is the only suspect in the death of the two year old Caylee Anthony. The case has been a scene out of Hitchcock movie since it started. Let us hope that finally Caylee will get some justice, when the case eventually lumbers into a court room. The defence team led by Jose Baez however do not seem very anxious for that moment. I did notice that the Feb/1 deadline for presenting evidence that Casey Anthony was innocent of any wrong doing has long since passed. Jose Baez and his ‘Team’ clearly have an uphill battle on their grubby hands.

Simon Barrett

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