I love the dynamics of live radio, you never know what is going to happen. I do not operate from a script, but I do use a document that has some bullet points on it, areas that I want to bring up. I have been fascinated for months about the Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting business.

While I talk to William Cobra Staubs pretty much every day, I thought it was high time to take a closer look at the industry.

There were several nagging questions that I had. The legislation covering the industry are confusing, often misinterpreted, and frequently a source of frustration to everyone involved.

One of the biggest challenges in putting this program together was to find people in the industry that were willing to talk to me. It is one thing to whisper privately in my ear, it is a whole different ‘ball of wax’ to go public.

Todays program was eye opening, and far wider ranging than I had expected. The panel consisted of Simon Barrett as facilitator, investigator William Cobra Staubs from Florida, Dan Miller, who is just starting out in the Bounty Hunting industry, and my good friend, crime writer Denny Griffin.

We discussed many issues and business practices, most of which left me scratching my head!

Just some of the topics included:

To ‘Pack a piece or not’

Exactly who’s door can be kicked in

The terms that are set when a bond is set

The terms under which it can be revoked

The difference state to state in requirements mandated to be a Bounty Hunter or Bail Bondsman

How to operate when perusing a fugitive in another state

And of course the Pre-Trial release program.

You can catch the entire program here.

Simon Barrett

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