I find it amazing, there is so much misinformation doing the rounds in this case that the Anthony clan make Pravda at the height of the cold war look like serious journalists! A clear target of the defense team is one time Casey Anthony boyfriend Jessie Grund. Jessie makes for a very poor target, he was one of the very few people involved that actually cared about Caylee Anthony. In fact sources tell me that his affection for Caylee was a source of friction between him and mother Casey Anthony.

A document came my way a couple of hours ago that I find very curious. It contains some email traffic between Cindy Anthony and private investigator Dominic Casey. It leads me to believe that there may be yet another angle that Jose Bozo Baez and his seven dwarfs may go after. If they can not pin it on Jessie, they may try his father Richard Grund. This is the most ludicrous scenario I have heard yet.

A couple of days ago I heard on the grapevine that a story was circulating that Richard Grund killed Caylee in an occult ritual. In my opinion it is much more likely that Casey Anthony did it in a Duct Tape ritual!

Some research has revealed the source of this rubbish, and it is none other than from PI Dominic Casey. A man who has the credibility of a three day old donut.

Here is a taste of the exchange, this is Cindy to Dominic talking about Richard Grund:

Isnt he crazy enough to do something to Caylee? Remember we originally thought that him and Deb were helping Jesse hid Caylee. it might sound crazy but what if they did a blood test and found out she was not a nephilim. People do crazy things like sacrifice people for their beliefs

Dominic’s response is equally inane:

You have seen nothing yet. What you have seen is the tip of the iceberg… RG is a Militia Boy, Racist, Demeans women and a total whack job… I will have him on the porno soon

I have spoken to Richard Grund on various occasions, he is clearly a man of honor. These allegations are so outrageous that I do hope Richard pursues some recourse from both the Anthony’s and Dominic Casey. OH, and it was Dominic Casey that compiled that hugely amusing list of guests that were not welcome at the Anthony memorial service. If you missed this classic piece of stupidity please read Jan’s article here.

I have the document, and I know the hands it has passed through, I am however not sure that it is in the public domain, so for the time being I think it is better not to publish it.

Simon Barrett

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