This just in from TJ Hart. Parts of this story started to break last night, but we wanted to confirm a few things before going to press. It looks like the heat is again being turned up on Misty Cummings. 10 days ago the process started with the interestingly worded Press Release from the PCSO. Are these new developments the next step in bringing this case to a close? – Simon
What did happen the February night leading up to the abduction of 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings from her father’s home in Satsuma, Florida? Police say the last person to see her holds the key to the answer.

Haleigh’s then-babysitter-now-stepmother Misty Croslin-Cummings recently asked for a polygraph to clear her name after the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office asked members of the public to come forward with information on Misty’s whereabouts the night of the abduction. Acording to the director of the group who arranged the test, Misty failed the polygraph “miserably.”

17-year-old Misty Cummings, who married Ronald Cummings a few weeks after little Haleigh disappeared, reportedly went gainst the advice of her Attorney Robert Fields when she requested to take another polygraph, to be hypnotized and submitted herself to voice analysis regarding the events leading up to Haleigh’s disappearance.

Two weeks ago, the family of Haleigh Cummings contacted Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch (TES). A report which appears on the TES website said that independent from law enforcement, Miller arranged for three (3) separate experts to arrive into Florida to conduct the test, the costs paid for by Texas Equusearch. The experts included John Gastar, a former NYPD Detective with 35 years experience in hypnosis, TJ Ward, a voice analysis expert, most notable for his work on the Natalee Holloway case, and D. Craig Harper an independent polygraph expert.

This seemed outside the realm of the kind of work TES traditionally does. Miller stated in the report on his website, “We will go to any lengths at any costs to find this missing child.”

If what has been reported during the 2 days of intense questioning is true, Misty broke down in tears as she recounted sexual abuse at the hands of family members and attempts to point fingers at people who she thinks may have taken Haleigh in an attempt to defer attention from herself.

97.3 The Sky has learned that detectives from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department were made aware of the findings, and although they are not endorsing the release of the information to the public, they were planning on subpoenaing the tapes and any related information. Miller willingly turned the finding over to investigators.

The results of the taped interviews according to the experts who conducted them and the police who reviewed them are great for the investigation but not great for Misty. She “miserably failed” the polygraph test.

This is the fourth time she has failed a polygraph.

The report appearing on the Texas EquuSearch website claims that during the hypnosis, Misty appeared uncooperative and told yet another version of the story that was inconsistent with previous versions.

The voice analysis was perhaps the most revealing and according to results on the site, “It appears Misty Cummings knows what happened and was directly involved in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.”

Upon their initial viewing of these tapes, investigators uncovered several inconsistencies in Misty’s story. They are particularly interested in her version of the timeline the night of February 9th between 8:00pm and 3:00am. She claims she put Haleigh down at 8:00pm and went to sleep herself at 10:00 and awoke abruptly at 3:00 to find Haleigh gone.

The report on the TES website claims Ronald said “the bed was made” and that police confirmed Ronald’s story.

TJ Hart

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