As always it was a lively show. We actually kicked off with some updates on other cases we have been following.

A resolution to the 27 year old double homicide of tavern owner Ronald Scharff and his barmaid Patricia Freeman has finally happened. Son Paul Scharff came on to explain that the police have now concluded that Vegas mobster Larry Neumann was the trigger man. On the downside the DA has opted not to press charges on Tommy Ammato, or Neumann’s wife Debbie. Debbie was the instigator of the killings, and Ammato was the driver.

We also breifly discussed the Caylee Anthony case, and the mystery surrounding the fraud case that Casey Anthony is currently facing. Casey has plead not guilty, yet at least one news source is claiming that Baez has made restitution to the bank. That makes no sense.

Baez is also attempting to block all evidence gained by Leonard Padilla and his people, citing a confidentiality agreement. It is not clear that this agreement will have any legal standing.

Our major segment involved the Haleigh Cummings case. There has been much written about it, and has created a polarized world in more than one area. The facts are few, the accusations are many. About the only thing that everyone agrees on is that Haleigh Cummings is still missing. It has been more than five months, what has happened?

This week was a busy week, much happened.

Both Crystal  and Ronald have lost legal representation. There seems to be some controversy over whether Picazio resigned or was fired. Picazio claims the former, while the Shefield’s are adamant it was the latter. Who do you believe? Ronald’s legal advisers were more dogmatic. We done what we said we would do, and we don’t like this cesspool (precis). Basically they just wanted out of the game.

There was some discussion concerning DCF dropping any case against Ronald Cummings, though most of us hardly classed that as new, we heard rumors that this was going to happen.

You can catch the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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