I share TJ Hart’s (The Sky 97.3) frustration in the lack of progress in this case. Well said TJ! Simon


by TJ Hart

I post today as a frustrated man who is starting to feel like the cost of doing Haleigh updates and keeping her name and picture in the public might not worth the trouble anymore.

I have had this feeling before. And I will overcome it again.

It is very frustrating to only report how the investigation is going so far and how the girl’s family is reacting to the investigation. But it’s all the there is to factually go at this point.

You need to know that there are 2 main reasons for the national media moving away from this story:

1) Slow movement in the investigation

2) The devolving and ugly side-taking, cross-fence sniping that would make the producers of the Jerry Springer Show sick. This does not play well with national audiences and the networks know it!

If anyone really knew where little Haleigh is, she’d be home right now.

You no longer have to feel helpless as you follow this story.

I want to give each of our readers with the opportunity to empower yourself in the search for Haleigh.

The invitation is sincere and open to any and all who believe they can help.

1) Physically get to Satsuma.
2) Check in with LE.
3) Scour the woods.
4) Take some chances walking through the swamps, rivers, bayous and ponds and not get taken down by a gator or a snake.
5) Personally confront those you believe are “hiding something.”
6) Bring the child home.
7) Stay around for all the trials that will follow.

God bless you if you can pull it off.

If you cannot physically do this, but your heart is in the right place:

1) Call or write your Putnam County Commissioners and Sheriff’s Office and demand action and answers on this case.

2) Call and write your Florida State Representative or State Senator and demand action and
answers from LE.

3) Exercise your right as a citizen of the US to vote any office holder out of a job at the ballot box should the appropriate actions in getting this case solved not be expedited to the best of the office holder’s ability.

Remember, until this nation turns totally to socialism, it’s still a free and representative republic where the office holders work FOR you and don’t CONTROL you.

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