Sometimes things just go wild. A story that you have little interest in suddenly gets huge attention. It is often hard to figure out what the attraction is. The Pizza Box computer is a case in point. My creative destruction of an IBM Thinkpad went wild.

In someways the Beer Box computer did the same thing. Oh, I do still have the Beer Box. But in the move I had to ditch the portability offered by the Golf Cart.

Another of my silly projects was the Plastic Canvas computer.

I am a fan of the Environmental movement. I may not be the greatest member, but I do my best.

My latest project involves gardening. Now, the only reason my thumb would be green, would be due to some nasty accident with an ink cartridge for one of our printers.

Of course the concept of digging in the dirt never even crossed my mind. I am way too lazy for that. My stepson son had a wild idea involving his girlfriend, her friend, two forty pound bags of top soil, and an inflatable paddling pool. Well I am sure that you get the general idea.

The project fell through. But I decided that a 40lb bag of dirt had potential.

I poked some holes in the bottom for drainage, then took an exacto knife to the top, and voila, instant planter! Of course I needed to find a way to water my dirt. that was solved by converting an empty laundry detergent bottle and punching some holes in the top, instant watering can!

Planting Chives, Parsley, and Cilantro seeds in the dirt was the final mission. It has become a little of an obsession in the Barrett household. Every morning I put on my shoes, and every morning Jan asks me where I am going, “to check my dirt” is pretty much the usual answer.

The dirt incidentally is doing fine. pretty soon it will be harvest time!

Of course hind sight is 20/20 and when I analyze the situation, I discover that my outlay in this project is $4 for the dirt, and $6 for the seeds. My expected harvest will be about the same amount of herbs that I could have bought at the store for about $5. But what the heck, nothing beats home grown food.

So the question is…. is Simon Gardening the next big thing?

Simon Barrett

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