The industry boom

There is no shying away from the fact that the casino industry has exploded over the past decade and its online sector has unquestionably grown particularly fast.

As with most things in life, the introduction of new means does impact on us and our behavior. We have seen the technological boom transform our lives significantly to the point where many of us spend whole commutes to work and even all bathroom visits on our phones glued to our hands. We have become so dependent on these tools to live our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without these devices now, without much thought to how healthy those habits are.

The word gambling has become loaded in recent years and it is simply not possible to turn a blind cheek to the fact that is hasn’t been an all rosy road alongside the boom of its popularity. Although gambling itself dates back to ancient civilizations, technology has changed how accessible it has become in everyday homes.

Human Habits

Could we enter this new decade and redefine our relationship with gambling? It is a giant leap of faith that will require massive responsibility from the industry to consumers alike but may prove to be highly rewarding long term.

It is natural for humans to develop strong habits that interfere with our lives. This can be both positive and negative. When applied to the right habits, this perseverance and determination can lead to high achievements and success. It is when this quality connects to behaviors that we can’t control it becomes a downward spiral.

Some leading bookmakers are taking responsibility and are investing in addiction treatments which is a positive move. It may, however, be wise to open up discussions with mental health and addiction services to learn what protective measure needs to be in place to avoid it going that far in the first place so that online casinos can be as enjoyable as they are meant to be.

Hearing Each Other Out

Although many casino companies are placing measures to protect customers and are encouraging healthy gambling, we need to see more things done. We cannot define something as entertainment when it comes at the expense of someone’s well being. If we see this past decade as a learning curve to what changes we’d need to make, we can protect the industry’s interest and the customers at the same time.

The industry is under pressure and legislations are being placed by the government. We have reached a point where testing the sector’s resilience to withstand adversity is not the answer moving forward. Genuine collaboration with professionals, attentive listening and appropriate changes are needed.

Discussions to ban credit cards have been lifted in light of gamblers using multiple cards and getting in debt is one thing that could set things off on the right track. AI that can automatically spot unhealthy playing online and set breaks for players is another. Ethical and age-appropriate marketing is also vital. Without building trust and a healthy relationship to gambling, the industry will not be able to continue to blossom. However, with the right adjustments made, we can take a leap and transform habits we have enjoyed for centuries into something sustainable and positive for everyone.

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