I got up early in the morning and I went to work. I drove my Japanese car and my sons went to school in their Chinese and South Korean vehicles.

When we came back home many hours later we talked about the cars that Detroit is manufacturing these days, so, I showed them 2 little toys that cost $19.99 each. They are made of plastic.

My sons told me: Dad!! We already know that Detroit just produces toys but we want to know more about its past. So, I took them to the museum and showed them the vehicles that Detroit produced in the past.

Oh yes, US produced big cars in the past. Well, now we just have big plastic toys.

More? I told my children, look at your clothes!! What do you read? They read Made in Laos, or Made in Cambodia.

South Korea and Taiwan were the main suppliers to the US clothing market, then it was China. Today, it is the New Tigers of Asia that supply clothes.

The same is true of electronics. They all come from the Far East. Today the US produces no radios, no TV sets, etc.

What about computers? American companies have sent all the production to foreign countries. So, today the computer engineers live on welfare.

All the software is made in India or Russia.

I forgot!! The middle class belongs to the past. But I will not deny that because of the high productivity in Asian countries it is easy to have a car, they are cheap.

What about the dollar? It is used for decoration purposes. The currency lost much of its value and collapsed. Today, people prefer to save in Euros, Yens or Yuans. The huge US trade deficit was the reason of such a brutal collapse of the national currency. In a certain moment it surpassed $1.5 trillion and America collapsed.

This is US in 2015. But I will not deny that America has invaded the world with its soda beverages, burgers and movies.

Not all is bad after all!!

[Edited by Simon – English]

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