This is a guest article by author Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg, his newly published debut novel Black Road 2012 takes a look at one possible explanation of the 2012 Mayan mystery – Simon 

So, have you noticed the massive media coverage and glittering talk-show “personality” analysis of 2012 and 2012 The Movie?

I mean, like, after all, the movie has grossed $730 Million. Big news. It beat Batman and Batman Returns combined; it comes close to Lord Of The Rings.

So, you knew that.


Actually, the movie has been seemingly out of newsprint and off the telly since mid-November. This was when NASA and the US Government set out on a “Crusade to Debunk ‘2012’ Apocalypse Myths,” as stated by the AFP wire service, “The world is not coming to an end on December 21, 2012, the US space agency insisted last week in a rare campaign to dispel widespread rumors fueled by the Internet and a new Hollywood movie.”

The same Government that brought you the current H1N1 Pig Flu Death Plague Planetary Pandemic Currently Destroying All Humanity, had this to say: “There is no factual basis for these claims…If such a collision were real astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye…Obviously, it does not exist. Credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012…our planet has been getting along just fine for more than four billion years…”

Omigawd, I feel SOOoo much better now!

This is the same credible Government that said yesterday (at least twice), “the system worked” and stopped the Nigerian Crotch Bomber from blowing up flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. (Somebody please ‘splain to me HOW the system “worked?”)


Back to 2012: in lockstep, the US Media seemingly fell in right behind NASA and banned almost all news, video, and audio regarding 2012 The Movie and also 2012 The Event.

But don’t believe me.

Look It Up.

2012 The Movie is only back in the news today because it just now “shattered” all box-office records in China and the out-of-town newsies are reporting it world-wide. And the US Media and Government have not yet acted to “debunk” the public’s immense interest in this global matter—whether it is true or false.

But there’s no such thing as “conspiracy theory” in this matter of the 2012 Event.


Stay tuned, kids, I’ll be back with more goodies to inflame and soothe your fear and desire…

By Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

Jeffrey Friedberg is a retired Investigator turned author, his first novel Black Road 2012 is a paranormal thriller, please read the review. He also has a website

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