This is a guest article by author Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg, his newly published debut novel Black Road 2012 takes a look at one possible explanation of the 2012 Mayan mystery – Simon 

This February 12th to 13th, there will be a conference at Zayed Uni­ver­sity in Dubai (Ori­gins of Civilizations [sic]). The meeting is structured of authors covering the 2012 venue.
Speakers are to include John Major Jenkins, Andrew Collins, Michael Cremo, Robert Schoch, Robert Bau­val, Christo­pher Knight and Gra­ham Hancock. These are among brightest luminaries of the genre. The brochure advertises “Twelve of the world’s promi­nent minds on the top­ics of our dis­tant past …”

Oddly, I was not invited.

The brochure goes on, “What are the ori­gins of civilization and knowl­edge? How far back in time can we push the bound­ary of advanced knowl­edge? How could very ancient pop­u­la­tions posses sci­en­tific knowl­edge that our mod­ern civilization has only redis­cov­ered in the past 300 years?”

Before we take a dip in that pond, let’s first clear up some things about the prophesied/predicted “2012 Event.” Let’s not get weighed down by the usual mind-numbing lectures on baktuns, cosmic long-counts, or non-repeating vigesimal base-18 and base-20 calendars—and all the rest of that scientific stuff.

We don’t need no science.

I mean, science is a made-up, artificial, and un-natural way to attempt and identify/influence natural phenomena. Science is not the phenomena itself. Science is about the phenomena. But it sometimes mistakes itself for the phenomena. So let’s not put too much faith in science here.

I mean, how’s that H1N1 Super Death Pandemic Pig Plague working out for you? How was that Bird Flu epidemic-to-end-all-life thing—did that one get ya yet? Global warming—yes or no, got scientists on all sides of that one—and the Pope too, so see what I mean?

All right. The ancient Mayan calendar does indeed factually predict an alignment of the sun with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, on the winter solstice, December 21, the year 2012 AD, at 11:11 AM (GMT). This happens every 27,800 years.

The mathematics of the year 2012 conjunction are 100% accurate, and not in question.

But, in the Mayan prophecy part, the sun will align with the galactic core—the great dark rift cloud in the Milky Way. This is the longest night of the year, and when the sun finally rises—is reborn out of that long death—the current world Age will end, and a New World Age will begin.

However, the Mayan Popul Vuh goes on (roughly) to say that this all portends the end of an Age that has lasted 27,800 years, and the beginning of a New Age of another 27,800 years—a new Age of famine, terror, and the death of God.

Now—returning to the previously stated idea of “How could very ancient pop­u­la­tions posses sci­en­tific knowl­edge that our mod­ern civil­i­za­tion has only redis­cov­ered in the past 300 years?” This is the Voice of Science speaking—in tongues—the deified, solidified, home fried, and tongue-tied voice of ordinary humans no smarter than the sum of other humans, but who have come to mistake the process of science for the phenomena itself that science proposes to “study.”

How could the ancients have known all this, indeed. What a smug attitude. What arrogance, what braggadocio and blindness—the failure to recognize a totally natural process not lit by LEDs or gutted by wires.

If it ain’t electric, it don’t mean shit. If it ain’t modern it can’t possibly be important because that would make science and scien-tistes less important. And that would cut back grants, book sales, income in general, and internet dating as we know it.

Ancient humans didn’t need science. They were born naturally into a natural world, in natural time, and natural space. They were born close to their most immediate problems. And the proximity of those problems brought them closer to truth. Ultimate truth—death from life and life from out of death. Very important, something to keep track of.

Like this calendar thing apparently was. It seems to have been something the ancients treated as a necessary undertaking—like pyramid-building, like the Manhattan Project, the moon program—that kind of thing.


Because they had to know for sure if the sun travels through the ecliptic of the galaxy every 27, 800 years. But how the hell do you do that without electricity and its machines?

Like I said, its all in the naturalness of Humanity. Somebody had only to watch the skies and keep track for 55,000 years. And crunch a lot of big numbers that only a modern computer can handle.



We recently saw the passing away of Mr. Kim Peek—the “real Rainman,” a brain-damaged person. But Kim had near-perfect eidetic memory and was a mega-savant, a genius in fifteen different areas. He could read two book-pages at a time, one with each eye, in about 8 seconds—and remember everything he read. He could crunch huge numbers and vast mathematical problems in mere moments.

Was Kim damaged goods or a superman? Science says only that he was damaged at birth. Kim Peek died on the 19th of December 2009, from a heart attack.

There have been other Kim Peeks throughout all human Ages—people with unimagined connections between neurons who were walking natural-born computers. They helped calculate the stars and planets, the seasons, planting, harvesting, the pyramids, and places like Stone Henge as an observatory.

In an age without computers, they would have been valued as human calculators. They would have crunched those big numbers for the ancients as fast and accurately as any modern supercomputer.

There are more things and forces in natural Space and Earth than we know—forces that inform and run the universe. But we are a natural part of that order—or disorder. We eat it, breathe it, drink it, and tap into it—without science. We are born a part of it. We can never stop being a part of it.

But why was the sun tracked across the ecliptic of the zodiac for at least 55,000 years to make those observations? Was it ritual, religion, or curiosity about a Mythic parable?

Or did something memorable happen every 27,800 years that needed watching?

I think something happened.

I mean 55,000 years is a long fucking time to keep track of anything. So I think the myth was engrained into tribal consciousness as a means of encoding forever the events themselves. This is one of the most natural and ancient ways of encoding what data a society or world or culture wishes to maintain at all cost: mythology. This method applies to religion, your fashion-of-the-moment civilizations, government lies and enslavement of the populace, in whatever form, for whatever reason.

In the case of the Mayan calendar, yeah: I think something happens. I don’t think the god or the aliens fly down from the skies trailing clouds of glory—but something happens.

Something will happen.

So, be ready.

Climb up to the Kit Peak National Observatory. It’s 6875 feet above sea-level, 56 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona in the Schuk Toak District of the Native American Tohono O’odham Nation. Pack a lunch and watch the skies. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies. Because it will begin right there. At least—what’s coming will first be noticed there. And in other places like it.

So stay tuned to this website, kids, because I’ll be back—I’ll be back with more fear and desire for you to slake…with answers…

By Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

Jeffrey Friedberg is a retired Investigator turned author, his first novel Black Road 2012 is a paranormal thriller, please read the review. He also has a website

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