This is a guest article by author Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg, his newly published debut novel Black Road 2012 takes a look at one possible explanation of the 2012 Mayan mystery – Simon  

A planetary “pole shift” associated with the coming 2012 Event refers to an upside down Earth, which will continue to orbit and revolve naturally in space, but wherein the planet’s outer crust is wrenched around upon it like the detached skin of a grape slid upside down whilst the stem remains where it was.

In other words, the theory of 2012 pole shift is that the north and south top and bottom of Earth will be wrenched upside down whilst floating upon the sea of magma beneath. And that this will cause untold cataclysmic upheaval and destruction upon the earth.

Normally this process would take 1-100 million years, to achieve even a 50 % pole shift. The earth is in fact undergoing this very type of geologically “slow” polar shift right now, at about 4 inches per year.

A 2012 Theory of polar shift involves the melting of polar ice, perhaps by volcanoes, earthquakes, weather, or meteors—all caused by the 2012 Alignment of sun and galactic core. Massive amounts of ice-sheet melt water would “unbalance” the Earth’s crust, and it would spin over like a detached grape skin.

There is recorded in rocks and sea-sediment the fact of an actual shift of 50%, over 800,000,000 years ago, so this phenomenon is real, but it necessarily involves the movement of untold massive amounts of matter within Earth’s mantle—continental plate tectonics.

Polar shift and magnetic reversal are two separate things. Magnetic reversal is a 180-degree flip-over of Earth’s magnetic field—it’s magnetic polarity, which is related to fluidic movement of the molten iron core. This process is not plate tectonics.

In 1831 the magnetic northern pole did begin shifting northeastward at a speed of about 10 miles per year. In 1989 its speed increased to about 35 miles per year as it continued to move away from approximately Canada’s Ellesmere Island, and toward Siberia in Russia.

Most geologists (not “scientists,” which can mean anything) agree on the paleomagnetic and paleogeologic evidence that neither of these process could occur instantly, or even fast enough to be perceived by humans. They are proposed as “glacially” slow processes—albeit real and ongoing.

That is—if you can trust to “infinitely godlike” knowledge of people who can’t even predict today’s weather: sunny or cloudy, rain, or no rain.

Another question might be, from whence does the 2012 Event Theory of INSTANTANEOUS polar shift and/or magnetic reversal come from?

Well—it comes from the idea that something will somehow happen because of the coming galactic alignment. Something will affect the Earth—like a rogue planetary body, or gravity, volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors, asteroids, or mystical forces, or magic, or aliens.

Or the Yellowstone super-volcano could blow again and destroy all life. It is 435 miles long and 310 miles wide: this is one gigantic caldera reportedly already getting to blow out again, according to a swarm of 800 earthquakes and a bulging of the caldera floor.

So, it seems there are many ways the Earth could be destroyed. Then, why should it be destroyed by the 2012 Event, and is that at all plausible?

It seems that “racial memory” of paleologically distant catastrophes are buried deep in our DNA and mythology. But are they really memories of real events or just some “survival instinct” to keep humanity alert to its safety, in order to help ensure its survival?

Well—if “survival instinct” comes from evolution, under the influence and shaping power of external events, then it would necessarily have to be based upon past fact and reality over vast geologic Ages. Ergo, yes, Virginia, there do seem to be racial, mythic, genetic “memories” of stuff to watch out for, i.e. death.

So—we are “programmed” to watch out for stuff.

Sometimes this programming seems a nearly a compulsion, or obsession, faith, or even hope, as with the coming 2012 Event. Associated with 2012 are all of humanity’s nightmares and best dreams: cataclysmic destruction of Earth, death, return of the Space Fathers (and Mothers), cosmic renewal, survival, a new beginning, benevolent aliens, and stuff.

So what will actually happen on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM (GMT), when the sun completes its ordained path through the ecliptic of the zodiac and squats upon the center of the galactic core?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s just the fear and desire of Humanity—our own in-born human-ness.

Anything I say, someone else can say whatever they say. The truth is, nobody alive today has the least fact-based idea of what might actually happen, if anything.

Like good detectives, maybe we will just have to patiently wait and see what happens.

But, you’d better be ready, anyway.

By Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

Jeffrey Friedberg is a retired Investigator turned author, his first novel Black Road 2012 is a paranormal thriller, please read the review. He also has a website

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