It is, in my opinion, one of the great events in the history of the WWE. The main attraction of the Survivor Series, which will be held on Sunday, November 20, 2011, at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, has always been the “traditional Survivor Series Elimination Matches.” These showdowns consist of teams of four or five battling, until an entire side has been eliminated.  The crowds always get hyped, vocal, and excited for these match-ups. However, over the past couple decades, the company has placed only a couple of elimination matches, while filling the rest of the card with one-on-one matches, championship matches, and tag team (2-on-2) matches, making it seem like every other pay-per-view event. After watching the conclusion of Raw, on October 24, 2011, the announcement of the main event for the show irked me quite a bit.

It was announced that John Cena and The Rock (who will be fighting each other at Wrestlemania 28) will wrestle The Miz and R-Truth. Do I think it will be an enjoyable match? Sure I do. I also believe that those watching the event at home, and at Madison Square Garden, will enjoy seeing The Rock wrestle a full match for the first time in seven years. I can just imagine the screaming fans jumping and cheering wildly as The Rock makes his entrance. The music will be blasting, lights will be flickering, and the fans of course, will be in awe. But, in keeping with recent storylines, and in honour of it being the 25th Anniversary of the Survivor Series, I think the main event should be: John Cena, The Rock, C.M. Punk and Triple H against WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, R-Truth, and Kevin Nash. If this occurs, fans would get to see a number of individual rivalries come together, and find out how well both teams mesh, It can also provide a show-ending battle that will “electrify” the crowd.

Now, while I am a firm believer in keeping with the tradition of this spectacular event, I can accept one title match. I think Mark Henry should defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the Big Show. While this may not be the best match on the card, these two have battled at Vengeance on October 23rd, 2011, and there wasn’t a clear-cut winner.  So, the fans deserve to see a winner here. There are other challengers I had in mind, but I have another idea for them.

I think that Randy Orton should captain a team at the 2011 Survivor Series. It would consist of Orton, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan. On the opposing side: Cody Rhodes, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and David Otunga. You may be asking why I put those five stars together, especially adding Otunga in the mix? Well, they were the ones who orchestrated a plan for the WWE stars to stage a “walk out” when Triple H was “in charge” of Raw. They claimed that with all the craziness being portrayed at the time, it was an “unsafe working environment.” If this five-on-five match were to occur, it would bring together several rivalries, like my main event match, and it would also give a chance for some young talent to shine on a bigger stage. What excitement that would create!

Despite my wishes, I do not think any of this will happen. The main event tag match will remain as scheduled. Triple H will probably battle Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio will likely defend the WWE title against C.M. Punk. And, if the fans are lucky, the WWE may throw in two or three Survivor Series elimination matches. Whatever the company decides for the 25th anniversary of this mega event, fans in attendance, and those watching at home will enjoy what I hope will be a spectacular event.

Azeem Kayum

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