We will be running our regular news talk radio show tomorrow, and we invite everyone to listen, and call in.

Our regular panel will be in attendance, Jan Barrett, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, and myself.

We will be looking back at the events of the last seven days in the unfortunate cases concerning the death of Caylee Anthony, and the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

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So what happened this week?

Well illustrious defense lawyer managed to eat up more tax payer dollars with some pretty frivolous court antics. Apparently he felt that the defense team was being short changed in the discovery process because the prosecution had not included the technicians bench notes from some of their lab work. The judge nixed a court order, instead, telling Baez to just ask the FBI for the notes and they would be happy to supply them.

The judge did however grant Baez’s request to not release George Anthony’s suicide note, claiming that it had no material bearing on the case.

Baez also grilled Deputy Richard Cain who investigated the tip from meter reader Roy Kronk on Aug. 13, 2008. This deposition lasted 3 hours! One can only guess as to what nonsense areas the councilor got into.

Expert witness Dr. Henry lee is making claims that he found an additional 17 hair samples in the trunk of the vehicle, this seems a somewhat dubious claim. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

In the Haleigh Cummings case the ‘low spot’ of the week has to be veteran Fox sleaze Geraldo Rivera. Ronald Cummings is saying that the whole ‘man in black’ story could well be an invention of either Geraldo or the girls mother Crystal.

Misty and Ronald decided to tie the knot, this was likely not the smartest move on their part. This has created a PR disaster for them.

We will be talking about these subjects and many more, make sure to tune in tomorrow. Get your questions and comments ready for showtime.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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