An Astrological look at the 2008 Presidential Election 

The Economy, Civil Rights, Health Care, National Security Issues: Astrologically

What’s ahead according to the Stars 

Astrologer Beth Turnage from Astrology Explored looks at which issues will affect the 2008 Presidential Election.

Beth explores not the candidates but the astrology or “chart” of the United States and which issues or themes the voting public will consider important when casting their ballot this coming November.

Soundbite 2008: Make America Great Again
by Beth Turnage

The candidates are thrashing out positioning, and we hear a bit about
what these candidates stand for. But the real plank building won’t be
hashed out until the conventions, where the party bosses gather and put
together the themes that they think will play out well with the
American public.

A progessed chart represents the evolution of the entity involved.
Looking at the progessed chart of the United States,we see what the
American public is most concerned with at this time. Looking at the
progressions, the transits and the natal chart of The United States,
the campaign issues that will strike a chord with the American public
has to do with personal security needs. We want to see America fulfill
the American dream. We want to “Make America Great Again”.

The Economy

Our progressed Moon, representing security issues, is in tension aspect
to our progessed Mercury, which represents communications as well as
commerce. Though we keep hearing that the economy is OK, via progressed
moon trine to progressed Venus, the planet of money, the truth is that
that Venus is in tension aspect to our progressed Mars. As Jupiter in
its travels in the heavens (transit) challenges that Mars in late
February a serious correction in the markets fuels fears over a
worsening economy.

What’s in store for Civil Rights according to Astrologer Beth Turnage?

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Astrological Look at the 2008 Presidential Elections 


Astrological Look at the 2008 Presidential Elections

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