Sunday, the Bigger brothers brought home the $500 first prize “catch” for 2007’s good humoredly named “Bay of Pigs” law enforcement fishing tournament. Over a dozen different law enforcement units were represented, with Phil Donnay of the Bay Mills Police Department acting as the director of the derby. The Bigger brothers are Bruce of St. Ignace and Ernie of Moran. Between the two, they managed to bring in five walleyes weighing to nine and nine/tenths pounds, giving them, of the six year history, their third win.

Their win did not come with ease, but a slow start and few bites didn’t hold them back. “We had boat problems for about an hour,” said Ernie Bigger. But, the brothers got the malfunctioning throttle mechanism working again by rigging their own brand of repairs on the water. Their response to their repairs: “We improvised.” Their diligence paid off well.

Sadly, that was not so for everyone. Of the twenty-three boats participating in this year’s event, seven failed to weigh any in at all, with the remaining pulling between one and seven. However, for those who did well, they gave the brothers a close race. Paul and Dave Stanaway finished in second with nine point twelve pounds of walleye, reigning in $250. Paul is a member of the local (for this author) Chippewa County Sheriff Department.

Additional information can be found front-page for 21/May/2007 in the Soo Evening News newspaper, or at their website,  

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