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       Friday, September 29, 2006

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Sony Takes The Heat

Lately Sony has really taken the heat. Literally. With their continual issues with overheating batteries and fire hazards, the company now is offering to replace the batteries for certain laptops, notebooks, and other defective battery related products.

"This is a program to ease the worries of computer makers and consumers,'' said Sony spokesman Takashi Uehara in Tokyo.

"This is not a compulsory recall,'' he said, saying that it is not predicted how many laptop batteries will be returned.

Soon other companies followed, offering similar programs for people who had encountered faulty batteries with their products.

Over 4.1 million batteries made by Sony have been recalled since August. It is speculated as being the largest consumer recall in the history of America.

"The number of recalls is difficult to estimate now and there is the question of how many customers will replace batteries without any problems,'' said Tatsuya Mizuho, a director at the

Concern is growing over the upcoming Playstation 3 in the wake of this battery recall. Will it have similar problems? The PS3 is one of the most anticipated items on the market this holiday season.

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