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       Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Is Oprah Shilling For A Rapist?

Oprah’s book club sure has come a long way since promoting William Faulkner. As if sponsoring the fraudulent James Frey wasn’t enough to question her taste in literature, now we have James McGreevy, ex-governor, virgin author, and truck stop sex addict whose alleged ex-lover and accused extortionist now has accused him of rape.

To hear Golan Cipel tell it, McGreevey isn’t just a run-of-the-mill “outed” ex-governor making the talk show rounds to push “The Confession,” his tawdry tell-all tome about the life, times and sexual escapades of a gay politician entwined in a hetero marriage - he was his rapist, and Cipel is none too happy the deposed New Jersey Democrat’s not boning up to his version of the truth.

Cipel, patronized by his alleged assailant with a generic “homeland security advisor” gig – no doubt keeping the state safe for cruising – told the New York Daily News Oprah producers spurned his two e-mails requesting a chance to speak on the show, which was broadcast for inquiring literary minds today.

Cipel said McGreevey, slated to appear on NBCs’ “Today” show tomorrow, is still motivated by his political aspirations.

"He will do anything to get back into power, and if he can use the gay community, he will," Cipel told the Daily News from Israel. "He is against gay marriage, one of the most valid issues to the gay community. I hope they will not embrace him."

Tacony Lou is a freelance writer and satirist.

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posted by Tacony Lou at 4:17 PM  


Chuck Paugh said...

Please. His accuser is an opportunist. Nothing more. He claims the former governor is hiding behind the gay community to advance his political career, yet his accuser is hiding in Israel so he doesn't have to face a slander lawsuit in the USA. Gimmie a break. His accuser is nothing more than a jaded hustler.

7:12 PM  

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