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       Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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America Needs Division

The midterm elections are just around the corner, and both parties have their smear campaigns in full swing. It's difficult to believe either party anymore because both of them only point fingers at eachother that evidently lead to nowhere. Since George Bush appears to be more and more disconnected with the status of Iraq, as evidenced by his comments about the release of the NIE report. What is mind boggling is that the President labels the NIE, and the Senate Intelligence committee as 'naive' thinking.

This November the Democrats need to win at least the House of Representatives so that America can gain what it has desperately lacked since 1994 and that's a divided government.

In this bloggers opinion the Democrats have been very disappointing since Bush's approval ratings started to fall. Until this party can get its act together and oust Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi I don't see the Dems making a serious impact in the post-election landscape.

Lets at least cross our fingers that the Democrats can attain some sort of majority in November, at least for the sake of debate in our American government.

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posted by Dan at 12:37 PM  


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