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       Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Making 9/11 "Fun?"

Stars, Stripes and Skates, a fund-raising group, has published a booklet for children that is designed to make 9/11 "fun."

From a NY Sun article:

The booklet, funded in part by an event involving Olympic silver medal winner Nancy Kerrigan, is intended to make for "a happy 9/11 commemorative event," said Tara Modlin, the founder of the organization distributing it, Stars, Stripes & Skates."To teach kids about an event so morbid, we needed to make something fun for them," she said.

There is nothing "fun" or "happy" about 9/11 and this booklet is entirely inappropriate. From the same article:

But the pamphlet is already drawing criticism from at least one victim's family member. Monica Iken, a former elementary school teacher whose husband died in the World Trade Center attacks, called the booklets inappropriate. "It doesn't make sense to me to have young children doing math equations 9/11 related," she said. "Education is for history and telling the story that is appropriate about heroes and the day, not doing activities unless they are healing activities, and not sitting around doing a booklet."

The Washington Times chose the group as their Knave of the Week last Saturday.

The booklet has a dot-to-dot activity of the old New York skyline (complete with the World Trade Center) a word search with terms like, "Osama bin Laden," "Twin Towers," and "Taliban," and trivia questions.

Can you imagine if someone did this for the Holocaust?

"Okay, Janie. I want you to do this dot-to-dot of this Holocaust victim before he was sent to the concentration camp. See the difference in his body?"

Oh my gosh, are these people insane?!!!!!
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posted by WriteWingNut at 12:39 PM  


Lonnie said...

Are we really sure she did not get hit in the head with that metal bar?

Great, but saddening post...

9:29 AM  

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