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       Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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India PM Independence Day Musings on Pakistan and Terrorism

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Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the nation on the on the 59th anniversary of India's independence from colonial rule. The speech coming in the aftermath of the July 11th Mumbai Commuter Train Serial Bomb Blasts was viewed by Indians with great anticipation and expectation on how the Indian Government proposed to deal with terrorism. This headline from the BBC pretty much summed up the Prime Minister's speech - "India PM plea on 'terror attacks'"

The Prime Minister opened his speech with the customary tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru. He then went on to note the economic growth and opportunity across India. The Prime Minister then waxed eloquently on the need for the war on poverty. The Prime Minister set the stage for some backpatting by describing the plight of farmers in Vidarbha and an oblique reference to the Narmada issue before going to talk about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill, NREGA and the Bharat Nirman Program, which he called his weapons on the war on poverty sounding almost like John Edwards the democractic contender for the American Vice Presidency during the 2004 U.S. Presidential campaign. The Prime Minister continued to intone on agriculture and issues faced by the farmers before turning his attention to the rising energy costs and the petrol subsidy issue. The Prime Minister goes on further on rural health issues and rural education and the National Urban Renewal Mission. The Prime Minister then turns his attention to issues with higher education, reservations for backward classes.

In a speech spanning 43 paragraphs, the Prime Minister got to terrorism in the 28th paragraph. The Prime Minister praised Mumbai for its resolve. Rather curiously he makes a tall claim that it cannot be business as usual. He sums up in one sentence how he proposes to deal with terrorism.

We will modernize, strengthen and properly equip our security forces and our intelligence agencies.

The Prime Minister then takes a detour to Kashmir and how things have improved in Kashmir. He then further digresses to the North East to talk about all the developmental work. At this point in time the Prime Minister mentions the word Mumbai twice and is pretty much into his 32nd paragraph. The next couple of paragraphs are devoted to Naxalism.

Paragraph 35 is devoted to Pakistan where Manmohan Singh pretty much pleaded with Pakistan to stop the terror attacks saying unless Pakistan stopped terrorism there is little he can do deliver peace and prosperity. Manmohan Singh pretty much passed the buck on dealing with the issue of Pakistan sponsored terrorism onto Pakistan. That was pretty much it on terrorism. The Prime Minister devotes the remaining 8 paragraphs to International relations, gets nostalgic about Rajiv Gandhi and wraps up his speech with the usual cliches.

So what are 200 dead Mumbaikars worth ?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pretty much answered the question for us. 200 dead Mumbaikars are not even worth 700 alive and kicking Members of Parliament. Contrast Manmohan Singh's speech with 2 references to Mumbai and a one sentence strategy on dealing with terrorism and the passing of the buck to Pakistan with the way the entire political class and the government of the day reacted when on December 13th terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament and not a single Member of Parliament was killed and the terrorists themselves were shot dead by security forces. Parliamentarians across the board cried foul and the Vajpayee government took the country to war over an incident which left all the 700 Members of Parliament alive. So Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has summed it up very neatly for us by pleading with Pakistan to help him deal with terrorism and reducing the nearly 200 Mumbaikar deaths to 2 measly references.

Contrast Manmohan Singh's speech with President Kalam's speech the day before which incidentally was also Pakistan's Independence Day. President Kalam made security the central theme of his speech. President Kalam started off by acknowledging the nature of the threat posed by terrorim and over several paragraphs in his speech spoke about the need for a comprehensive approach to security and not just left things hanging with abstract ideas and nobel intentions but President Kalam got down to specifics with policy propositions on how this can be achieved with a National Campaign for the Eradication of Terrorism, NCET. Contrast the buzzword President Kalam gave the nation to inspire it to deal with terrorism with the one sentence pitiful excuse that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh came up with.

The back to back Independence Day celebrations of India and Pakistan bring into question the half a century old question. What was the idea behind an independent islamic state of Pakistan and half a century on what does it have to show ?

On a week when an Indian woman Indra Nooyi was appointed the CEO of one of the world's largest corporations Pepsico, the contrast between a successful and forward looking secular multi ethnic Indian Democracy with abundant economic opportunities and success stories like Infosys and a failed Islamic Fascist State of Pakistan with its terrorist outfits like the Lashkar e Toiba and the Jammad ud Dawwad cannot be anymore glaring. It is time Indian Muslims lead by President Kalam, Azim Premji and others wrote an open letter to their Muslim brethren in Pakistan asking them to turn their back on the Islamo Fascist Establishment which has held open society, democracy and freedom hostage in Pakistan while driving them into mediveal times. It is time the Indian Muslims sent a message loud and clear to Pakistan that its brand of Islamo Fascism and the terrorists it is breeding will be countered and decimated by Indian Muslims and Hindus united.

Offstumped Bottomline: President Kalam and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have offered vastly differing views on what 200 Mumbaikar deaths are worth. To Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 200 dead Mumbaikars were worth a couple of mentions and a one sentence strategy to deal with terrorism. To President Kalam these same 200 deaths were worth recognizing that without a comprehensive strategy to deal with security there cannot be progress or prosperity. These 200 deaths were important enough to call for a National Campaign. Mumbai and India the stark contrast of these speeches says it all for you to judge if your future is safe in the hands of the Congress lead UPA Government.

Offstumped Disclaimer: The use of the phrase “Islamic Fascism“ does not imply the religion Islam is fascist in nature. It only refers to a Fascist Regime that swears by Islam and attempts to legitimise its fascism by subverting the meaning and essence of Islam. Offstumped is proud of the Indian Muslim community that rejected this brand of fascism on August 14th 1947 by choosing to remain in India and reject the fascist idea of a Islamic State of Pakistan.

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posted by Yossarin at 5:29 PM  


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