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       Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Hezbollah declares victory, clueless inhabitants celebrate amidst the ruins

From an article in the Gulf Times in Qatar: BEIRUT: His home and business had been flattened, but Hilal Hashem said it didn't matter as he surveyed the devastation wreaked by Israeli air raids on his suburb. "We'll come back and rebuild. All this destruction is a sign of victory," he said.

You have to be fascinated -- as well as appalled, horrified and disheartened -- by the circular logic so often used in the Middle East. The terrorist group Hezbollah claims that its main purpose -- other than the ultimate and long hoped for destruction of Israel -- is to provide resistance against Israeli aggression into Lebanon. But as anyone with a brain knows, the only reason Israel would ever set foot in Lebanon would be because it was either attacked or threatened by terrorists hiding out on Lebanese soil.

So along comes Hezbollah on June 12 and starts a senseless, unprovoked war with Israel. During the course of that month or so of war, southern Lebanon and parts of Beirut are devastated. The war finally ends through a UN cease-fire arrangement that calls for the disarming of Hezbollah (however absurd that may be).

Hezbollah quickly declares victory over the "Zionist aggressors" and thousands of inhabitants of southern Lebanon return to the rubble of their homes and villages and declare their undying love and admiration for the terrorist entity. "Thank you, Hezbollah, for standing up to the Zionist aggressors," many of them say.

Only the Zionists weren't the aggressors, Hezbollah was. Therefore, thanking Hezbollah is an example of the kind of jaw-dropping stupidity that defies human comprehension, or at least the comprehension of humans who reside outside the basket case region of the Middle East.

The admirers of Hezbollah have, in effect, thanked the terrorists for getting their country wrecked. But if not for Hezbollah, there would have been no war, no "Zionist aggression," no destruction. There would have only been people going about the daily business of their lives without threat from outside. Hezbollah brought senseless destruction upon the people of Lebanon and they're being thanked for it.

"All this destruction is a sign of victory," said Hashem in the Gulf Times. "It shows they could not succeed militarily, so they resorted to hitting civilians."

Succeed at what militarily, Hashem? If your beloved Hezbollah hadn't started the fight, there would have been no military objectives for Israel to try and succeed at. And how could Israel not hit civilians when your beloved Hezbollah deliberately hides among them, totally unconcerned about how many are killed or ruined?

Make no mistake. Israel could destroy Hezbollah if it cared nothing about civilian casualties. But it does care, and Hezbollah knows it and takes full advantage of it. If Hezbollah has won this conflict as it claims, it did so through its own moral depravity by taking advantage of Israel's moral superiority and through the callous use of clueless Lebanese civilians as cannon fodder.

Thanking Hezbollah is one of the most monumental acts of stupidity that could ever be committed by upright-walking, sentient human beings. And it's infuriating for the rational among us to have to listen to. But the celebrations of victory will likely continue amidst the ruins that were caused by Hezbollah.

Greg Strange provides conservative commentary with plenty of acerbic wit on the people, politics, events and absurdities of our time. See more at his website:

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posted by Greg Strange at 9:23 AM  


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