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       Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Germany and Syria: So much for the carrot

With brilliant understatement, German foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier called Syrian President Assbad’s, oops I mean Assad’s praise of Hezbollah a “negative contribution” to the search for peace in the Middle East. He consequently cancelled a planned trip to Damascus yesterday in protest.

He seems to realize now that unlike the famed search for the Holy Grail, the current search for peace in the region remains completely illusory and Germany’s recent attempt to lure Syria away from Iran with an EU carrot trick has failed miserably.

Some German Foreign Ministry personnel are now even beginning to think that maybe-just-maybe Syria isn’t interested in peace at all and has absolutely no intention of ever being anything other than Iran’s lapdog and actively supporting Hezbollah militants in Lebanon in any way it possibly can.

These two guys work in the Foreign Ministry’s cafeteria, however, so this probably won’t have any real effect upon Germany’s next big diplomatic initiative down there.

Besides, Germany doesn’t use sticks. Grundsätzlich nicht.

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posted by Clarsonimus at 1:12 PM  


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