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       Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Chinese College Graduates Think a BS is Just That...

China is going the way of America and Japan: increased competition, fewer jobs for University graduates and declining wages for specialized skills. The Chinese Baby Boomers are headed for the workforce, but are less likely to be writing code than asking: "Would you like fries with that?"

More than half of college graduates polled in China felt that they had not learned anything practical. A third of them saw college as a waste of time and over a third reported that college had not been worth the money invested.

Chinese College Students

One student in Reuters report found here lamented that the money earned by the sweat of his parent's brows would not make him even enough to pay back their sacrifice.

College is brutal enough here without the knowledge that unemployment may be waiting for you. I have 11 years of post high school work and student loan supported education. I was that fabled "professional student" you may have heard about. But, I never endured the hardships that face a Chinese collegian: curfews, information and recreational deprivation, crowded dorms hot enough to poach your spirit, and teachers who hate their jobs more than the students dislike them....

More than 4 million graduates will attempt to enter the workforce this year while the job market is shrinking for skilled labor. There will be a shortfall of over a million jobs next year. This may be one of the reasons so many students are stepping off rooftops and not out into the world.

China Blog

Cartoon, copyright

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posted by Lonnie at 9:20 AM  


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