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       Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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by Lonnie B.Hodge CHINA BLOG OMBW


Nigerian scam artists, long the bad boys of the Internet, never cease to amaze me with their creativity for online hoodwinking. It is a badge of pride to bilk a westerner out of money for the dozens of organized computer gangs that spend their days phishing for your dough.

The country as a whole is ranked "only" the sixth most corrupt in the world by Transparency International ( beaten out, in reverse order, by Haiti, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh and Chad) in its most recent ratings.

Their improvement from #2 in 1999 may be due to their Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. It is the the country's leading (yep, there is more than one) anti-graft agency. The EFCC has dealt out fraud convictions against some corrupt officials and others, including those who stole $242 million from a Brazilian bank. But get this: According to VOA News: " EFCC says about two thirds of Nigeria's 36 state governors would have been facing corruption charges, if they did not have immunity. The agency has reportedly seized about $5 billion from corrupt officials and criminal gangs in Nigeria in the past three years."

But, I digress. The scammers have moved onto Craig's List and are ripping of sellers not buyers. They work in concert with friends and associates in the US and Britain and tell you they need whatever it is you are selling for their son or daughter in college or whatever....They get you to mail the merchandise, send you a bogus cashier's check (or a good one they can stop pay on)and disappear with your goods. They can also get all your bank account details and skillfully wipe you out after promising to wire you the funds.

To date has not responded to any of the 12 attempted scam buys I documented and forwarded to them from Nigeria when I was trying to sell some things on their Beijing and Hong Kong sites to pay for Ms Yue's cancer therapy.

FYI: to track an IP address go to and just enter the IP you get from the email header information from Craigslist or elsewhere. If the mail resolves in Nigeria proceed at your own risk.

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posted by Lonnie at 8:50 AM  


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