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       Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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By Lonnie B. Hodge OMBW


Years ago, before it was fashionable, I taught classes in Mind-Body Healing and Humor and Wellness. I knew verbatim the details of a hundred spontaneous remissions, but had never seen one firsthand.

That has changed and this teacher has become a pupil: Ms Yue, who only two months ago had frightening lab reports and was unable to walk long distances without fatigue or fear of falling, has been doing everything one who cannot afford conventional treatment must do. She walks, has tea with friends, acts as the "switchboard operator" for her surviving chemotherapy classmates, eats a strict and wholesome diet, takes Chinese herbal medicines and has opened herself to prayer and meditation. From almost certainty by medical personnel that the cancer had spread to her brain, as it does in 25% of advanced HER2 cases, the X-rays, labs and Ultra-Sound exams show her to be cancer free.

I read a report last week in which a woman spoke of HER2 cancer as a smoldering fire. She said that you can slow it, but never extinguish it. And she was taking Roche's Herceptin, the costly medication that has some power over the rapid spread of this type of breast cancer.

If one could measure the success of remission by the joy in one's voice Ms Yue would have convinced the grimmest sceptic with her call from the cancer center last week.

Cancer is the arrow shot from hiding*. It is the most devious of diseases. But, today I would place my bets on My teacher, Ms Yue, of the League of Extraordinary Chinese Women: LOECW.

*明枪易躲,暗箭难防:It is easy to dodge a spear you can see, difficult to guard against an arrow shot from hiding. (Chinese Proverb)

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posted by Lonnie at 9:58 AM  


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