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       Thursday, June 01, 2006

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BNN is continually seeking new writers to add to our news site. We need bloggers who write about news, world events, entertainment, sports, weather, politics, science, religion, culture, and everything else under the sun. It is our goal to represent a wide spectrum of views and a diverse mixture of voices. We run breaking news, analysis, research, editorials, and humor. The editorial policy of BNN is, broadly, pro-American, pro-Western values, pro-freedom - but we do on occasion air opinions contrary to that. We seek to be a valued place in every English-speaking Internet user's online neighborhood.

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Writing for BNN does not have to be dry news reporting. We welcome analysis, opinion, personal reporting - almost anything, so long as it has a real connection to the news. For example, if there is a wildfire in your community, we would LOVE to have you write about your observations of the fire, what you saw and heard, etc. We would love to have your reporting on how your city council did (or didn't) spend last year's fire mitigation budget. We would love to have you write a heartfelt testimonial to the bravery of the firefighters. In short, whatever you write just needs to have some connection to the news.

Why should you take the time and trouble to cross-post to BNN? Well, there are a couple of good old-fashioned self-serving reasons.

The first reason is that every post on BNN attracts readers - sometimes a few dozen, sometimes a few thousand - from search engines and other news sites. That means that the person reading your story has never heard of you - he or she's a new potential reader for your blog. Every post on BNN includes a link back to your own blog site - so every post on BNN is like a free advertisement for your blog - an advertisement that the reader actually went looking for! The odds are pretty good that someone who is interested in (say) civil war in Nepal, and who finds and reads your BNN post on the civil war in Nepal, is going to check out your blog.

The second reason is that BNN is comprehensively crawled by news sites such as Google News. The BNN site has a Google PageRank of 6, meaning that it is considered a reliable source by the crawlers. Your posts will be archived and search-engine accessible for a long time to come, and will be regularly cross-referenced by other people writing on the same topic.

There are also unselfish reasons to write for BNN.

BNN is community journalism - it's free citizens writing down their thoughts and impressions. The Internet is bringing us an army of Davids instead of a handful of Goliaths. Writing for BNN is like sticking your thumb in the eye of big media. The news is something that should be controlled by all of us - not by gatekeepers in New York. The way to ensure fairness and accuracy is to report multiple points of view - that way, no one viewpoint controls the story.

If you'd like to be a part of BNN, then please drop the editor a line. Include your name and the URL of your blog(s) or other sites where your writing can be assessed. We'll check you out, and if you're the kind of writer who would make a positive contribution to BNN, we will send you an invitation.

Welcome aboard!


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posted by Robert at 2:03 AM  


Ken said...

When was the world granted the right to not be offended? After listning to the complete reading from the Pope,I have to agree with what he read. Yes, this was a reading and not a prayer or speach.

More people have died in the name of God, Alah and Budda than any other cause.

10:19 AM  

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