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       Monday, April 24, 2006

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What Is the Proper Christian Response to the Da Vinci Code?

by Stacy L. Harp

In a few weeks Dan Brown's best selling fictional novel, The DaVinci Code, is going to hit the silver screen. This event has a lot of buzz surrounding it not only from the mainstream media, but also from various Christian leaders. Some Christian leaders are touting this movie as a great evangelistic opportunity for the Church to be able to "give an answer as to what they believe about Jesus and why", and these leaders have prepared numerous materials to help uneducated Christians become informed about the myths in Brown's novel.

Other Christians, are having a holy cow about the upcoming release of Ron Howard's sure to be masterpiece, and are urging people to "Stop the Da Vinci Code". Who is right?

Here it seems that in the Christian culture we are absolutely divided on the issue of whether or not to tell fellow Christians to see this movie, that is fiction, yet many who are unskilled in their thinking, will think is truth.

On the side of engaging the culture for Christ and helping believers to be equipped in being able to answer questions from viewers of the movie, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has produced a wonderful new DVD called The DaVinci Delusion which will air nationwide in May.

Dr. Kennedy has brought forth some of the nation's leading biblical and cultural experts in this DVD to help expose the truth about what Dan Brown's novel really teaches. An hour in length, The DaVinci Delusion, skillfully addresses the following six issues: Errors, Art, The Four Gospels, The Canon of the New Testament, The Deity of Christ and Mary Magdalene. The wonderfully produced DVD also highlights some of the nation's brightest biblical thinkers including Paul Maier, Kerby Anderson, Gary Habermas, Erwin Lutzer, Darrell Bock, Lee Strobel, Sandra Miesel, Amy Welborn and Janet Parshall. A definite whose who of Christian personalities and scholars.

Dr. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe have also written a small pocketbook called The DaVinci Myth Versus The Gospel Truth that can easily be read within the span of an hour. Other popular titles exposing the DaVinci Code's lies include Cracking DaVinci's Code: You've Read the Fiction, Now Read the Facts by James Garlow and Dr. Peter Jones, Breaking The DaVinci Code: Answers To The Questions Everyone's Asking by Darrell Bock and a great fact checker book called The DaVinci Codebreaker by James Garlow.

On the other side of the issue, hoping people will stay away from the movie theater and not see the upcoming movie is Ted Baehr of Movieguide. Baehr is so opposed to people seeing this movie that he has written a 43 page white paper defending the gospel of Jesus Christ. (PDF).

Baehr opens his white paper by asking the question, "In less than two months, war on Christianity will be declared. On which side of the battleline will you stand?" The implication is that if you see the movie then you are against Christianity, but if you don't see the movie then you are on the right side and not warring against Christianity.

Baehr gives four top examples as to why he believes he is not overracting to the movie. The following:

THE DA VINCI CODE presents blasphemous fiction as fact in a deceptively convincing fashion

THE DA VINCI CODE denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, claiming He was no more than a mortal prophet

THE DA VINCI CODE alleges Jesus married Mary Magdalene with whom He had a child

THE DA VINCI CODE falsely claims the Christian church has historically hidden these “facts” through deception, murder and conspiracy

These are serious errors to be sure, and Baehr begins his argument against seeing the movie by citing Philippians 4:8 which says, “Finally, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable – if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise – dwell on these things.”

He also gives some other things that Christians can do to "engage the culture" including seeing another movie on the day that The DaVinci Code is released. He suggests seeing Over the Hedge, a definite family movie and nonoffensive to Jesus Christ. He also suggests watching an older version of a movie about Jesus or writing letters to your local newspaper or to the movie studio producing the film.

One thing is sure, Christians are divided on how to respond to this upcoming heretical Jesus-bashing movie. While some believe educating the Church and equipping them to directly engage the culture and those who will see this movie, others are suggesting to turn Hollywood away and giving your money to something that does not offend Christ or His followers. Neither side is wrong, just different. Regardless of the side you choose, remember to make your decision based on your love for Christ and conviction of truth.

Please send your feedback to Stacy Harp at

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posted by Stacy L. Harp at 1:38 PM  


Nate said...

Both sides that are lining up for/against Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code are completely missing the point.

First off, the opening page reads clearly: "The Da Vinci Code - A Novel". This appears even before a list of "facts" regarding the "secret societies": Opus Dei & Priory Sion. What does this tell you?

Obviously many people neglected to take this at face-value - That anything appearing after "A Novel" is thus, part of the novel. In literary terms, what Brown is doing here is not listing facts, but rather "setting the tone". Furthermore, in setting the tone, Brown is attempting to "suspend disbelief". (Compare this to 3 "scientists" using instruments to measure psychic activity in Ghostbusters)

Directly in this vein, I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code in the same way as I enjoyed the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark & the book/movie Jurassic Park. Do I believe that an Ark exists that can melt faces? No. Do I believe that a live Dinosaur park can be built? No.

But this is critical: Did the Da Vinci Code (as well as these others) suspend disbelief enough to make it entertaining? YES. As much as I think that it's a good thing that people read the Da Vinci Code & become encouraged to explore the real issues further, I think this severely misses the point: FUN.

Ignoring all the "information controversies" in the Da Vinci Code, has anyone stopped to think of the wild adventures of Robert Langdon? Do you know many ivory-tower professors who get into this much mischief? Do you know many archeologists who carry a whip & battle nazis? Do you know many paleontologists who flee from T-Rex's?

Again, people who are taking the Da Vinci Code too seriously are missing two things: Reading skills (not understanding the conotation of "A Novel" ), and Imagination.

1:06 AM  
ChasB said...

Nice article - except for the false dichotomy which is apparent in the set-up.

It seems that D. James Kennedy and Ted Baehr are not on different sides of the same issue but rather addressing it via different strategies. Both are concerned about the manner in which fact is woven with fiction and how readers/viewers will be led to wild conclusions with no historical basis. The previous post misses this concern entirely.

Both the DVD and book are available - plus extra material - via the website:

7:28 PM  
Nate said...

Chasb writes:

Both are concerned about the manner in which fact is woven with fiction and how readers/viewers will be led to wild conclusions with no historical basis. The previous post misses this concern entirely.

Actually, I addressed this concern directly when I compared the Da Vinci Code with other fact/fiction weavings: Raiders of the Lost Ark & Jurassic Park.

As mentioned before in the previous post, all 3 tales weave fact and fiction into "wild conclusions with no historical basis".

Again, as mentioned in the previous post (which apparently chasb didnt read thoroughly): Do I believe that an archeological object exists that can melt faces? No. Do I believe that a Dinosaur park can be built using amber-encased DNA? No. Do I believe that the bloodline of Mary Magedalene & Christ exists & is being protected by a secret fertility cult? Yeah right.

Again, by the above post, Chasb has decided to confirm my thesis: that the groups arguing over the DVC have poor imagination & poor critical reading skills. In Chasb's case, reading skills so poor that he completely misses my direct address to DVC concerns.

I should add that Chasb's primary modus operandi is not any DVC fact/fiction weavings, but as he makes abundantly clear in his summary:

Both the DVD and book are available - plus extra material - via the website:

Advertisment or editorial? Spot the difference

1:43 AM  

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