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       Saturday, April 15, 2006

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News Hounds Writer Shows Support for Child Molester Blogs

Have you seen the lefty article on News Hounds about my appearance on Fox News? I read this article and just had to laugh at the author's ignorance. And the comments are very telling about the left. Let us take apart what the "author" Judy wrote:

Fox NewsThursday (April 13, 2006) let a Christian activist promote the idea that a corporation should censor and gag those who use its facilities because she doesn't like the ideas being discussed.

Stacy Harp, who was identified on the screen as a "family therapist" but is also a "Christian blogger," appeared on "Dayside" to complain about Google allowing its search engine to include sites dealing with sex among men and boys, as well as other topics.

Actually, Judy, that is not why I was on the program. My appearance had nothing to do with Google's search engine. Contrary to the hosts on Dayside, they didn't understand the issue either. I was there to ask Google to take down pedophilia sites that are hosted on Google's free blog site Blogger. As the parent company of Blogger, Google has every right and is able to delete these pedophile sites. They blocked things for China, why not delete blogs that child molesters congregate on?

"Google is a corporation. They have the power to remove these blogs," said Harp, who said she complained to Google about the sites. Maybe they do from such an ability from a technical standpoint, but should they exercise it?

Absolutely, they should exercise their ability. Nothing is stopping Google. And since Google is refusing to delete pedophile blogs, what does that say about Google's support of child molesters?

Cohost Mike Jerrick pointed out that people don't have to go to those sites, but failed to press the point that there is a difference between talking about an activity that is illegal and actually carrying out an illegal activity.

If Google decides not to allow blogs about topics Harp doesn't like, can I get them to shut down blogs I don't like, that offend me or offend somebody else? Do we really want somebody at Google to pick and choose which topics will be allowed to be discussed on blogs?

Mike makes a valid point, people do not have to go to these sites. That is not the issue. These sites are linked to men who plot, scheme, groom and seduced children. I think protecting children is vital don't you? Judy raises a great question - if Google does the right thing, will lefties be able to get blogs they don't like deleted? Probably, but the difference would be that the lefties would want Christian viewpoints deleted, not blogs that support child molesters. This is self evident by ignoring the issue at hand and because those sites are being defended by the very words of this Newshounds article.

People like Stacy Harp are so confident that everybody agrees with them that they are willing to discard rights such as free expression because they can't imagine that what they want to say would ever be deemed unpopular enough to be disallowed. Free expression (and we're not talking about behavior, but expression) is not subject to a popularity test in this country. It's constitutionally protected. It's worked for a couple hundred years, but there's no guarantee that it will be around in the future if people like Harp have her way.

This isn't about "free expression", it's about child abuse. This is where the left has lost it's mind. In fact, I just think this lefty commentary from Judy just goes to show how far the left will go to support and defend child molesters. In the comments for this article, it is amazing the support the molesters are receiving. Not one comment addresses the fact that these pedophiles are molesting children. This is just more evidence that the left does not care about the sexual protection of children. Click here to read their insane and ignorant comments.

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posted by Stacy L. Harp at 8:42 AM  


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