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       Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Google Adds Profile Views To Orkut

It looks as if Google has rolled out another feature for Orkut lovers everywhere. Entitled "profile views" this feature allows users to find out "who is watching them" and perhaps pay them a return visit.

Orkut gives a brief description on their News page.

"Your profile views," found on your homepage, shows you the number of times orkut members viewed your profile and lists 5 members who viewed it recently. This number does not increase when you view your own profile but counts every visit from other users, regardless of whether they viewed it before. [...]

The number of profile views and list of recent visitors is refreshed once a day.

Users can opt out of this feature, however they will be unable to know who viewed their profile, something many people (both good and bad) will probably want to know about.

Although this feature is new to Orkut citizens, Joga users (created by Nike and Google) have been familiar with this for quite awhile.

Google's latest feature may simply be a tool to encourage users to interact amongst each other. Then again it could be a way for them to analyze their user base for commercial gain.

Although Orkut has many more features to add (as well as problems to resolve such as the infamous "donut error"), Orkut is steadily attracting new users ranging from the religious to the business minded.

Google has not released any public numbers on how many users Orkut has, but some estimate that the figures are well above 16 million.

Hat Tip: God Catch

Darnell Clayton publishes news and views within Google's community forums over at Inside Orkut.

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posted by Darnell Clayton at 10:39 PM  


Lonnie said...

Great lead...I tried to sign on though to learn more and was told I had to have someone vouch for me...

10:29 AM  
cshopkins said...

Not so great a new tool. Since its launch, number of hits have gone down considerably as you can no longer "spy" on your friends anonymously. That was half the fun!

9:02 AM  

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