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       Monday, April 24, 2006

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By Lonnie Hodge


Finally an intelligent answer to fighting piracy: Warner has decided to compete with the DVD pirates in order to try to stop bootleggers. I really do think they are on to something.

Warner Home Video has started to sell a DVD priced at $1.50 USD! This is still more expensive than the bootleg version ( bootlegs are .50-1.50 depending on quality) , but many of my friends have indicated they would support the effort because it is legal and the quality would be assured. That means no more "PROPERTY OF..." or "FOR ACADEMY VIEWING PURPOSES ONLY" scrolling across the screen in the middle of a great shot.

To get its product down to an acceptable price level Warner has put the cheaper DVD into a cardboard envelope and I hear that extras will be left out. That is fine with me because I rarely watch the 500 hours of leftover footage anyway.

Right now the DVD is only happening in China and the only flick on DVD available is The Aviator. If this is a test they had better regroup: The Aviator was on sale months ago in the underground shops.

It is a good start. It will certainly help foster honesty and may dip a bit into the pockets of the DVD Darth Vaders. Good on ya' Warner!

Now one hopes they manage to market some cheaper versions stateside as well.

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posted by Lonnie at 8:58 AM  


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