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       Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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NBC Cancels "The Book of Daniel"

Right on the heels of the news that liberal propaganda show The West Wing is being cancelled, comes this wonderful bit of news: After a huge public outcry, The Book of Daniel will no longer be aired. Wooo Hooo!!!

NBC blamed it on low ratings, but we all know why the ratings were low, and we also know that the protests contributed to the demise of the show.

Read the full story here.

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posted by WriteWingNut at 1:56 PM  


Thomas Krehbiel said...

An Open Letter to AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon

To: Donald E. Wildmon
Chairman, American Family Association

Dear Mr. Wildmon,

I am writing to express my concern over the AFA's recent actions regarding the NBC television show, The Book of Daniel.

I am a baptized Christian, and my wife and I enjoyed the show a great deal. It was innovative and thought provoking, which I'm sure you will agree is something of a rarity in modern television broadcasting--something, therefore, to be encouraged, not stifled. Innovation is, after all, one of the many things that has made this country great over the years. Sadly, as you may know, The Book of Daniel has been cancelled before it could complete its modest 6-episode run.

I understand that the AFA and its members may feel threatened by thought-provoking television programming about everyday Christians, and I fully support your right to turn off your television, read a book, or choose another form of entertainment.

However, I strongly disagree with your petitions to deny other American families the chance to experience a fresh new television drama that reflects honestly and candidly on families, faith, and issues that affect all of us every day. The AFA and its members, in using such strong-arm tactics as automated email campaigns and advertiser boycotts, have robbed the American family of one of its essential rights: Freedom. Specifically, the freedom to choose the kind of television programming we want to watch. As a result of your actions, my wife and I will not be supporting your organization or any of your sponsers, and I will encourage anyone that shares my views on freedom to do the same.

I urge you to stop this decidedly un-American behavior immediately. Respect the American family's freedom to choose.

Thomas Krehbiel
Richmond, Virginia

6:03 AM  
WriteWingNut said...

No one made the American family stop watching the show. The ratings were low. People didn't want to see it. Period.

Conservatives exercised THEIR freedoms by voicing opposition to the show. If the public heard and decided they agreed, that's what democracy is all about.

11:47 AM  
D. Coder said...

LOL.... the show wasn't good anyway.
Sure the AFA "may" have been a factor, but a factor of what? Cancelling the show after 4 episodes? OR causing it to last longer than it would have on its own?
I am a TV addict and I've seen MANY shows just "disappear" after a few episodes, (or less). In fact in just the last 4 months, 3 shows got cancelled after JUST 1 episode, inclding Emily's Reasons Why Not, which aired Jan 9th.2006. despite millions spent promoting the show, noone watched it! such is life as a TV series.
Then there is or rather was The Will & Who's Your Daddy , both also cancelled after one episode in 2005. And these are just in the last 4 months.
Here are other cancellations of shows that both started and ended in 2005, before their full run of scheduled episodes.
Killer Instinct, "Reunion", "Threshold", "Night Stalker","Kitchen Confidential","Inconceivable", "Just Legal", "Head Cases", "The Princes of Malibu"(2 episodes),"The Restaurant"
"Three Wishes"(nice "Christian" theme, cancelled after 6 episodes)
I have watched the pilot episode (at least) on all of these just so I could give them a fair chance. As for "book of daniel", I would have stopped after one episode if NOT for the controversy which caused me to watch more, just to see what the big deal was.
So don't hurt yourself with all that "patting" each other on the back just yet. After all you "MAY" have been responsible for "daniel" lasting too long.

11:58 AM  
WriteWingNut said...

The AFA caused it to last 4 episodes long? LOL Campaign or no campaign, I think you need to air at least that many episodes before realizing it's a failure.

And I was really ticked when Reunion was cancelled. Right smack in the middle of the murder mystery...not fair.

4:35 PM  
Bob Zacharias said...

Regarding Mr. Krehbiel's comments: "However, I strongly disagree with your petitions to deny other American families the chance to experience a fresh new television drama that reflects honestly and candidly on families, faith, and issues that affect all of us every day." - I find your comments strange and naive. First, how does a petition, which is a perfectly legal and normal response to an issue, deny anyone of anything? And second regarding an "honest and candid tv show", I've often wondered; "Just what qualifications get you a job as a Hollywood screenwriter? Do you believe the show's producer, Mr. Kenny, passed any review be it from the public or the Episcopal church about his honest and candid view of America in general and Episcopal priests in particular? I'm sorry, who is defining honest and candid here? The only "honest and candid" I see here are free market forces of the American public at work. And it doesn't matter whether I'm a baptized Christian or not.

Bob Zacharias
Denver, CO

1:40 AM  
Thomas Krehbiel said...

NBC will be webcasting an unaired episode of The Book of Daniel tonight at 8PM. Please join me in sending kudos to NBC for continuing to make this novel program about faith and family available to both audiences who value creative story-telling in an otherwise dreary television landscape, and to Americans who enjoy the freedom to choose their viewing habits without interference from strong-armed lobbyist organizations.

8:40 AM  

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