diego-gonzales.JPGAlbuquerque, New Mexico police arrested a man after they received a 911 call. When they arrived, the mother of the child in the 3200 block on Anderson Avenue, she told them that her 2 year old daughter was beaten and bitten by her boyfriend, Diego Gonzales.

When the police looked at the baby she had bruises on her face and bite marks on her body. She was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed of having several injuries, including a brain bleed. Paramedics said that the child could end up with permanent brain damage. Doctor’s at the University of New Mexico Hospital say the baby is fighting for her life. She also is suffering from a tear on her liver, bruising around her kidneys and a bruised pancreas.

According to the mother, Marsha Lucero, she had been sleeping at Gonzales’s apartment when her boyfriend did this to her daughter. When she woke up later she found him in the living room with her 2 year old and she saw the bruises and bite marks. She said when she tried to call 911 he threatened her with a knife to prevent her from making the call. She said when he finally passed out falling asleep she made the call.

The police said Gonzales was in bed when they arrived and when they tried to arrest him he actively resisted and ran out of the home trying to escape even after being shot with a stun gun. There was a chase on foot but officers finally caught up with him and he was arrested. He is being held on a $250,000 cash or surety bond.

While they were making the arrested Gonzales was caught on a video recording giving a message for him girlfriend. He said, “I’m sorry. I love her and the baby and I don’t know what happened.” Gonzales admitted to the police that he had been drinking whiskey and he didn’t remember what happened.

He has been charged with child abuse resulting in great bodily harm, kidnapping, aggravated assault against a household member and false imprisonment.

Seeing the condition this little girl was in reportedly took a toll on the officers involved in the investigation. One officer, Rob Gibbs, had to step away from the media while talking to them, then later apologizing saying he was sorry but he has a 16 month old child at home.

According to the neighbors they never heard any fighting at all between Gonzales and his girlfriend before, so this comes as a shock to them all. The Children Youth and Families Department said that there were no prior records of abuse on Gonzales either.
I guess this only proves there can always be a first time. When he appeared in court Wednesday it was revealed that he has two prior convictions for DWI, one in 2008 and the other in 2009.

My prayers are with this little girl. I pray she will recover from this. No 2 year old child could possibly do anything so bad to someone to deserve this. I just don’t know how anyone could hurt and innocent child like this. I do hope the baby’s mother will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe from this man to make sure it never happens to her again. Please God watch over this baby and help her wounds heal without any permanent damage.

Jan Barrett

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