I have to admit that I never know what I will find in my Email, daily I find that some long lost uncle has left me $5.000,000. I didn’t realize that I had so many long lost uncles that had made so much money in Nigeria! Even stranger, the ‘attorneys’ represent themselves all use a Hotmail account. By my reckoning if I had accepted all of these ‘free’ offers I would be richer than Bill Gates!

My email fortunately contains more interesting items. After I have discarded all of the ‘get rich’ schemes, and all of the ‘get poor’ quick ideas. Those are the ones that want you to pay $1000 for some nebulous conference, where you can hear a key note speech by some PhD who has the smarts of ‘road kill’. Once you stop laughing, you are left with the more sensible emails.

I love music of almost any genre (rap is excluded!).

The music world is a tough one. There are many thousands of bands. The problem is how does a band get noticed? It sounds passé, but the answer is to think outside of the box. 2 AM Orchestra do indeed think outside of the box. Why not produce your own video? Hell that has been done a gazzilion times. The problem is that most home grown videos are garbage. But, what happens if you think outside the box? You decide to make a classic frame by frame animation?

In these days of CGI (Computer stuff) it is easy for people to create a video. It is much more difficult to produce one the way that Walt Disney did, frame by frame. It took them a year, but in some ways that makes it better. Every frame was drawn by hand.

You can watch, and listen to the result here:

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here is the press release:

Based on an epidemic of insomnia-inflicting inspiration, “2 a.m. Orchestra” was the name Kelley chose while working on some recordings in early 2000. Just prior to the release of what would be the first album (2 a.m. Orchestra, 2001), Kelley formed and prepped a band to play in support of the release. From that time, the live line-up has varied widely, from a 2-piece snare drum and guitar duo, to an over-achieving, instrument-swapping five-piece. Kelley did a number of U.S. tours with these various line-ups, and even a solo tour, braving the bitterest weeks of winter sleeping in a van, eating bologna, and trying not to doze off during the long drives. Such personnel fluctuations continued on up through the 2nd full-length release, Impermanence (2005), which proved to be an apt, if not intentional title as the ever-changing live show became the band’s most noted characteristic.

At times, 2 a.m. Orchestra has been a rock band, as was the 2008 line up—an LA-based four piece with a turbo-charged rhythm section, gritty vocals and surf-tone guitars. Other times, 2 a.m. Orchestra resembles something like an acoustic folk group, as was the case with the 2010 incarnation—an Auckland-based trio that catered to intimate crowds with the whispers of mandolin, ukulele, cello, violin, piano and slide guitar. One might label the music presented by this unique combination of instruments “chamber-pop,” with its captivating string arrangements—often lullabyesque and sometimes spooky. The group’s acoustic sets feature songs both prior releases as well as brand new material. One such performance was released under the radar, “Live at Lopdell House Theater,” free to fans via the 2 a.m. Orchestra FB page.

What’s next? Yet another incarnation of the band emerges mid-2013 with the release of “Working To Divide,” the third full-length studio album which showcases the same characteristic ornate arrangements, but with new explosive rock textures. The single “Heads & Tails,” enjoyed nationwide radio support in New Zealand and was included on the Kiwi HIt Disc compilation. The animated music video received rave reviews and months of airplay on C4. The band will be doing both acoustic and rock shows in support, continuing their theme of rearranging songs and sounds, evolving and recreating, ensuring the audience has a new experience at each and every show.

Using the joys of modern technology, I do plan on interviewing David Kelly on air, we just need to deal with the minor issue of a 17 hour time zone problem!

Simon Barrett

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