joshua-cooperAnyone that had children can tell you that a lot of times a baby will cry even though they have a dry diaper or if they have been fed. It gets on your nerves and you want to scream but you just have to keep looking for the problem to make the baby stop crying.

Yelling at the child will normally just make it cry more, but apparently this 18 year old guy in Fairfield California just couldn’t handle the constant crying so he took the baby and chomped down on the baby’s nose biting one third of the month old child’s nose off causing the baby to bleed profusely.

The baby’s mother, who is only 17 dialed 911 and made what was described as a frantic call asking for help for her baby boy saying he was bleeding profusely from his nose. Once the investigators arrived they were shocked. Troy Oviatt, from the Fairfield Police Major Crimes Unit told FOX40, “It was a very unusual case. It’s disturbing and gruesome.”

The child’s father, 18 year old Joshua Cooper was arrested not long after for biting off a third of the child’s nose simply because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. He is being charged with child endangerment and aggravated mayhem for now.

The baby was taken to Oakland Children’s Hospital to be treated. Doctors say the child not only has a third of his nose severed, he also is suffering from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage, which they suspect happened in another incident of abuse. An investigation is ongoing to try and figure out when the skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging occurred.

I do hope this child can heal without any permanent damage from this. It is so sad for something like this to occur to an innocent baby. He was only a month old for crying out loud. How can anyone do something so awful to a baby like this? My thoughts and prayers will be with this baby for him to get well soon and to be able to grow up and lead a normal life.

Jan Barrett

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