TCOOO Productions and Bonfire, Inc. have set out to heat up the planet in a good way with the release of “18 Karat Gold Reggae: Global Warming.”

In a world filled with artificial music, Reggae continues to stay true to its roots, and “18 Karat Gold Reggae’s” tracks stay true to Reggae’s concepts and messages.

Beginning with Sammecia’s “Intro [Psalms 87],” the positive vibes flow throughout this crisp, clear recording. Jango Fresh’s “Look, Listen and Learn” tells us to “Don’t get caught up in a Babylon world,” while Massicker’s “Look Around” attempts to open our eyes to the worlds disasters, natural and man-made, that some of us choose to ignore, while the beats drop hard and heavy.

Reggae of this quality pleases on so many levels, the rhythm gets the body to settle down into a steady groove, as the messages conveyed by the lyrics makes one ponder the worlds condition on optimistic or pessimistic levels.

So when you’re ready to “Set The Devil On Fire,” (Track 10 on the cd by Reynard Milner Featuring Kaya) Get “24 Karat Gold: Global Warming” and BURN!

Check out their web site.

Horace W. Morris, Jr.

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