‘While inside the home located at 400 Arkansas Ave. in San Antonio, a 17 year old boy identified as Greg Pina went to answer the door when someone knocked on it and was shot as he opened the door leaving him dead and his 13 year old sister was hit twice wounding her. Detectives are considering this as a “definitely targeted” hit which happened Monday morning at 1:30 a.m. according to Chief William McManus.

After receiving calls about the shooting in the home officers found the two teenagers. Greg unfortunately died at the scene. His sister was shot twice but was rushed to a hospital where she is said to be in stable condition.

McManus said the shots came from outside the home and is certain that it was targeted. There were three other people, two adults and another child inside the residence but were not hurt.

A witness didn’t think it was targeted after she reported that someone was pounding on her door earlier in the evening and even had tried to kick her door in.

The investigators have a few ideas of what the motives could have been but as of yet there have been no arrests made.

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