Jenise WrightWhen I first heard about the case of Jenise Paulette Wright missing from Bremerton, Washington, I was really worried but I had hopes that she would perhaps be found lost in the woods around the mobile home park where she lived. Her parents say it was nothing unusual about their daughter wandering around in the trailer park. She was an open and happy little girl that enjoyed being with people and since the park was fenced in they felt she was pretty safe. When Jenise didn’t show up at home that night they began to worry and called the police and reported her missing. You can read more on the situation here.

A large manhunt was set up and investigators were searching all through the park and when she wasn’t anywhere to be found within the park they started looking outside the park. Unfortunately the FBI’s Specialty Search Dogs did make a discovery of the body of a little girl in a thick brush in a wooded area near the trailer park where the volunteer canine search teams had previously reported that their canines had showed interest in.

An autopsy report helped confirm it was the body of little Jenise and they say they were now treating this case as a homicide case, but no other details were given at the time. The sheriff’s office collected DNA cheek swabs from dozens of nearby residents for their investigation in hopes of being able to identify the one who killed the 6 year old.

Saturday arrest was made in the death and sexual assault of the girl. A 17 year old boy was arrested without incident by deputies and FBI Agents at his home in the same trailer park the girl lived in according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Detective Earl Smith. Smith said that the boy was being interviewed and will be booked with second-degree murder, manslaughter and rape for the child’s death.

Jenise Paulette WrightIt broke my heart to hear that they found the little girl dead, but it really hurts knowing this young boy would do something like this to an innocent child. For someone to hurt a little girl that is so full of life and just by looking at her pictures you could see she had so much love and life in her. How could he do this to her? She didn’t deserve this. It makes me furious when a child loses their life like this. What could she possibly have done to defend herself? Nothing! What chance could she have in surviving this?

If this boy indeed is responsible for raping and killing Jenise then I hope he is found guilty and is sentenced the harshest sentence that the law will allow. I hope she didn’t have to suffer too long. Being sexually assaulted is no fun and it kills me knowing she had to have this done to her. She deserves justice now so I pray she will get it.

Jan Barrett

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