Cowboys are not big fans of political correctness. Oklahoma is still a land where cowboys ply their trade. Some of them reside in the state legislature. Some non-PC legislators look a gift horse in the mouth.

From NewsOK :

A handful of lawmakers have asked not to receive a Quran being given to legislators at the Capitol by the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council in honor of the state’s centennial.

Marjan Seirafi-Pour, chairman of the council, said Tuesday 17 lawmakers have asked to be removed from the list of those receiving Qurans.

Rex Duncan elaborates: Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, said he did not want a Quran because he claims it encourages Muslims to kill unbelievers. Instead of handing out the Islamic religious books, he urged the council to encourage “peaceful, law-abiding Muslims to speak out against terrorism in the name of their religion.”

As of midday Tuesday, Duncan said he had received about 100 e-mails about his decision to refuse a Quran — 87 of which were supportive while 13 critical. The number of responses surprised him, he said.Read the rest: 17 Oklahoma Legislators Refuse Korans

17 State Lawmakers Refuse Koran Gifts
17 Oklahoma Legislators Refuse Korans

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Oklahoma Legislators Refuse Korans

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